honest origins

our story

bakerly began when Julien and Fabian, two Bretons (from Brittany, in the North West of France) decided to combine their efforts and talents to convince American consumers that crêpes, brioches, and other traditional French products deserved a place in every American household.

Julien’s company has decades of experience in manufacturing delicious wholesome bakery products in France. being half-American, he has been waiting for the right time to move to the US and introduce his products here.

Fabian used to have his own restaurant and made the best crêpes in Brittany (and perhaps in the world!). he has been hoping to sell crêpes and other bakery items on a large scale ever since moving to the US more than a decade ago.

their goal is to stay true to making quality bakery products the same way they enjoyed them when they were children in France (Uh… no… in Brittany!).

our philosophy

‘’simple ingredients, honest origins’’

we ensure that all products are completely free of preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, zero high fructose corn syrup and zero trans fat. just check out our bakerly “no no list” and you will better understand that we are not messing around with bad stuff!

and bakerly’s recipes wouldn’t be as delicious and wholesome as they are if it weren’t for the farms we’ve selected to partner with. the relationships we’ve developed with our farmers enable us to use only pure, top quality ingredients with honest origins:

the milk we use is real milk, or milk the way nature intended – meaning it’s never from concentrate and free of rBST.

and let’s talk about our eggs! they are never processed or dehydrated, and we even take the time to crack them ourselves.

we’re so picky about our ingredients, that we literally pick our strawberries at the top of their ripeness! no need to add coloring because these deep-red beauties taste as good as they look, especially when rolled up into a tasty crepe.

and our chocolate comes from real cacao trees, not some version of chocolate you’d find in a laboratory test tube. when it comes to chocolate, why settle for anything less than the best?

of course, behind every brioche, croissant, or crêpe stands a capable team of artisan bakers who use their expertise and passion to transform our authentic ingredients into scrumptious snacks that will make you go “yum!” each time.

finally, and perhaps most importantly, the essential ingredient in all of our products is love. we’ve made sure to bake just the right amount of love into each and every snack. we’re certain that after your first bite (you know, right around the time a smile slowly appears across your face?) you’ll taste the love too!

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