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packaging line lead

purpose of the function
the line lead ensures proper operation of the line and coordinates the activities of operators responsible for a specific task. based on the production orders (quantities, rates, quality standards …), he/she makes the required adjustments, manages the supply, controls the CCPs, and monitors the packaging line.

direct report

employee will uphold safety rules and regulations plantwide.
– OSHA regulations compliant
– proper PPE and attire at all times when on the floor
– adhere to GMP’s to and from the production floor
– uphold BRC standards
– report ALL quality and safety concerns to reporting manager or member of management team not limited but including; unknown visitors, pest control, expiration or production quality in question, sanitation, etc.

daily job requirements
– must have the ability to facilitate and manage operators to ensure quality product is coming downstream
– take all proper steps to eliminate downtime and prevent any events that may deviate from the continuous work flow
– perform CCP checks, quality tests, and ensure proper materials are delivered in order for operators to regularly perform their job duties without delay
– take complete ownership of the packing area and maintain continuous work, rotate operators, maintain breaks timely and efficiently, and address any employee needs to supervisor
– utilize a coaching team building philosophy, “win as a team, lose as a team” attitude. Will ensure operators work together and do not leave a member behind.
– report any safety or quality defects to supervisor, as well as any behavioral issues of team members or performance based instruction.

employee is responsible for maintaining a clean, organized, and audit ready work station.

employee may be asked to take part in risk hunts, routine audit walks, accident reporting, and/or process improvement initiatives.

employee is responsible for communicating pertinent information in order to reduce deviations in process, promote safety, or acknowledge maintenance repairs.

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