bakerly’s happy recipes: the videos

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recipe videos are now all in one place!

roast beef with cheese sliders

our delicious recipe for roast beef sliders with cheese and caramelized onions. if you’re looking for a recipe bursting with flavor, this one is for you.

for more information on the roast beef and cheese sliders, visit the recipe page here!

white chocolate brioche pudding

we put our sliced brioche to good use for this white chocolate brioche pudding recipe! it’s a variation on bread pudding, but with a bread more suited to enhance the inherent sweet flavors of the dish.

for more information on the white chocolate brioche pudding, visit our recipe page here!

BLT with avocado

this BLT with avocado recipe is a sure crowd-pleaser! to start, who doesn’t like bacon? its smoky flavor pairs perfectly with the slightly-sweet brioche baguette, and the garlic cream sauce adds a dimension of flavor that is sure to leave your taste-buds satisfied.

for more information on the blt with avocado, visit the recipe page here!

one last thing…

have you or anyone you know tried one of these recipes? if so, we would love to hear how it came out! drop us a line at [email protected] to let us know. P.S. we would we love pictures 🙂