smoothie o’ crêpes

smoothie o’ crêpes
Bakerly Pictos Prep Time

Prep time: 10 minutes

Bakerly Pictos Cook Time

Cook time: 3 minutes

Bakerly Pictos Serving Size

Serves: 1 person

The Smoothie O’ Crêpes started off as a “do it yourself” idea in the office. “What an original idea!”, “what will it taste like?”. It ended up as a delicious crêpe beverage for our taste buds. It’s simple, yet so tasteful (surprisingly)! The softness of the banana makes the flavor of the chocolate crêpe pop, and the almond milk makes the smoothie lighter and easier to drink on a hot summer day! It is with great pleasure that the bakerly team presents to you the one and only chocolate crêpe smoothie, the only smoothie that lets you drink chocolate crêpes!


    • 3 bakerly chocolate crêpes
    • 2 bananas
    • 10 oz. of unsweetened almond milk
    • 1/8 cup of happiness (the more the better)


    1. Cut the chocolate crêpes in small pieces.
    2. Slice the bananas.
    3. In a blender, mix the crêpes and bananas with almond milk.
    4. Bake with happiness for a delicious taste.
    5. Now you can enjoy the upcoming Smoothie O’ Crêpes!
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