crunchy caramel crêpes to-go!

bakerly crêpes to-go have become a favorite snack. As the #1 bakery snack in France, the yummy crêpes to-go are individually wrapped and filled with tasty and delicious fillings. This one here is filled with caramel with crunchy cereal balls for the caramel enthusiasts who love the sweet and savory combination.

$32.31/ case (9 packs, 54 crêpes)


smiley facediscover the
#1 favorite
in France!

crepes to go

Try all of our flavors with the filled crêpes variety pack!

how to make crepes to go

store in a dry and cool place.


bakerly crêpes to-go have an extended shelf life of 30 days after thaw.


our delicious products are thawed the day we ship and shipped dry.


we do not recommend refreezing bakerly products.

All orders are shipped using UPS Ground Shipping. Estimated arrival is 3-7 business days.

Products are shipped dry and thawed the day of shipping.


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