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January 27, 2019

we participated in the Miami half marathon!

This weekend, some of our Miami office team participated in the Miami half marathon. 12.8 miles through Miami! Who wants in next year? The start and finish were on Biscayne Blvd with a detour on Miami Beach to say “hi” and a bridge climbing challenge on the MacArthur Causeway. As we mentioned earlier only a few members of our team were available to do it that weekend, nonetheless it was a great team bonding experience. Our happy co-founder and motivated intern clearly had a blast!


If you want to participate next year, here’s the sign up page and we would be honored to have you running with us! We’re always looking for a good talk while we casually run around Miami.

April 26, 2018

the office goes for a corporate run!

Thanks for checking in and checking out our mooo team office life special! The bakerly​ team had so much fun together at the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run​ in Downtown Miami. The crowd at the run was 28,000 people deep! Yes, it was quite the turnout. And we’re proud to say we left our mark!

the results are in!

We’re proud to say we finished 27th out of 686 teams, carried by several impressive individual finishes. Company’s from all over South Florida participated in the third and final corporate run of the year organized by Mercedes-Benz. The fastest member of our team was Alex C, who ran the 5K in a trailblazing 19:43. Our CEO Julien placed 8th in the CEO competition with a ludicrous 20:43 time.

the pictures are in, too!

They say 2’s a party, 3’s a crowd. So what’s 28,000? Just look at that starting line!

selfie section!

One of these is our CEO and happy co-founder, another is our COO and (other) happy co-founder, and our executive VP! All the big wigs in one picture 🙂

Can you tell we were excited to get this thing going (along with some runners behind us)?!

Damien, Elise, Alex, and Caro loosening up any tight muscles with some selfie action.

Antoine knows how to take a selfie, yeah? He also teaches a selfie “how to” class on the side…

the bakerly race tee

What’s a corporate run without specially-designed shirts? Our cow and bird helped lead the way on race day.

And here’s the back of our awesome shirt, designed by our in house artist Mauricio!

the runners…

Our champion, Alex C! He’s also the runner up for best neck beard, behind Tug.

Our security detail (along with Romain), Alex G made sure everyone was safe by bringing up the rear!

Our source of positivity and happiness, Caroline! We couldn’t have done it without her (no really, she signed everyone up and made all necessary arrangements)

Elise, our happy traveling ambassador, and Antoine, our shipping extraordinaire!

It’s in Damien’s contract that we only photograph him from the side…we hope you’re happy, mr. C!

Our logistics wizard Charles usually wears glasses, so he must be squinting to see if this is actually a picture of him or not.

Gaby is excited to get over the starting line!

Franck, ladies and gentlemen. need we say more?

The ever-smiling Stephanie, probably thinking of a new recipe!

Julien scoping out the other CEO’s prior to race time.

Mauri sporting the awesome shirt he designed before we leave the office!

It looks like our graphics man Mathieu is just happy to be here 🙂

Meet Tug, he saved our spot on the grass! only he could have successfully carried out this mission with his trademark stern smirk.

the race environment

Mathieu and Alex walking to the starting line (if you guessed Mathieu as our most hydrated runner, you would be correct)

Soaking up some sun and friends before the race gets underway.

Chain? check. Headphones? Check. Glasses? Check. bakerly hat? Check, and Antoine’s all set!

Three people, three phones out! Who would’ve guessed?

Antoine and Charles walking emphatically to the starting line.

Walking to the starting line moments earlier, right before Caro left her two hat-clad teammates in the dust.

It looks good in a huge crowd, doesn’t it?

Here’s our favorite husband and wife team! We don’t have the official results, but we believe they won the husband/wife competition by a mile!

Everyone who turned out was fortunate enough to run in optimal weather!

Caro can’t wait to get this race started!

Here’s 13 of the 28,000 racers! can you guess the order of finish from first to last? (hint: first place is wearing a hat…) 😉

that’s all folks!

With a full year to train, we’ll be ready for 2019! Until then…this presentation of bakerly mooo team life has been brought to you by brioche.

“real eggs, real butter. real brioche.” 🙂