we’re crafting a new and delicious product!

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bakerly has some extremely good news to announce! Today is the day on which we officially declare the birth of a new ready to eat and ready to go and of course delicious product. Now, to keep things interesting, we will not disclose with you the name of the product quite yet. We thought that a little bit of intrigue might be good for your taste buds.

We’re going to take you through four stories where this new product would be extremely handy and tasteful. Ladies and gentlemen! (drumroll please) It is time to turn on your thinking skills!

If you find out what is this new and delicious product before the date of its release (15th of February) you can win a full box of it! The best part is that it will be delivered straight to your door.

Breakfast Clock

Imagine this. It’s Monday morning, you had trouble getting up and the kid is not up either. Of course, the morning ritual becomes a race against the clock. You can’t find the hair brush, your kid can’t find his left shoe, how is he going to go to school without the left shoe?! Your spouse is almost out the door, but without breakfast, what do you do? You now have 15 minutes to bring your kid to school, but he also needs breakfast! What do you do? You call bakerly and we got you covered. Our new product does not need prepping, nor cooking, nor cutting, you take it out of the bag and you eat just as is, it’s an easy breakfast without the complications of one. It’s ready to eat and it’s still delicious! What is it?

Star Break

For this one, you are asked to go explore a newly discovered planet in our solar system. It’s a ten year exploration and you are leaving in a week. In your bag you need to pack ready to eat meals and our new product is definitely included on the list. Once you’re up in space, who do you think has your back? bakerly of course! We’ve engineered this product so that it complies to the rules of space and since it’s ready to eat you can declare it as “necessary equipment” for your exploring mission. It’s round and thin enough to fit in a backpack and if you bring different spreads with you, you can even enjoy it with some. If you were to guess what the product is right now, what would be your first option? We even have a better question for you, how many packs would you take with you to space?

On the Go Explorer

This new and delicious product that’s being released to your taste buds is also very handy. Imagine you’re on a road trip, the kids are in the back, you’ve been on the road for 30 minutes, and one is already asking “are we there yet” and the other is grumpy for food. Lucky you, the fuss will not go on any longer! This new member of the bakerly family was made for on the go situations like this one! Just take out of the bag and savour it without making a total mess of crumbs. Its round shape and buttery soft texture, will guarantee a clean car at the end of the road! Now we have a critical question for you, what do you think is the product?

The Hunt for Captain Baker

Remember that space mission you were sent on last week? Well now they want you to go into a submarine and down to the deepest abyss. You need to find the lost ship of captain baker, the legendary international brioche maker that traveled the world with his recipes! Our new product is actually inspired from his on the go breakfasts that he prepared for his crew and himself. Of course his baking was limited to its era’s technology, but we’ve found a way to bring back one of his numerous specialities and today you will be able to taste the breakfast of the legendary baker who sailed the dangerous oceans of our lovely blue planet!

Are you ready for some tasting action? You will soon find out what is this mysterious product that sounds sooo delicious! Stay tuned, we will reveal it even if you can’t figure it out.

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Rules: we will randomly pick one winner, if he or she can figure out the mysterious product before the 15th of February.