bakerly’s happy recipes: roast beef sliders recipe video

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the third installment in our recipe video series!

buns all day

sandwiches are arguably the most versatile meal in the food world. there are so many different directions you can take a sandwich once you get started. in this case, we started with our french brioche burger buns! hence, we bring you a top-notch, yet simple, recipe for roast beef sandwiches! in the spirit of “to each his own,” feel free to substitute another deli meat (or vegetarian option, of course) with this recipe. however you make it, we’re sure you’ll finish the meal with a nice wide smile 🙂

head over to the recipe page for more detailed information on how to recreate this delicious lunch or dinner, including a list of ingredients and text instructions.

want to know where to find our french brioche burger buns? head over to the store locator!

enjoy the videooo!

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