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crêpes to go: a quick and easy way to snack!

crêpes to go: a quick and easy way to snack!

here’s the situation:

is it easy to get crêpes?

If you wanted to eat a crêpe right now, what would you need to do?

Without a “crêpe to go,” it’s likely you would have to go out to a restaurant or make them yourself in order to enjoy the satisfyingly thin delicacy that is a French crêpe. Both of these are fun to do and will yield great tasting crêpes (as long as the person making them has a little “savoir-faire”), but it shouldn’t be the case that the only place to go for a specific food item is a restaurant.

what should you have to do for a crêpe?
At this point in the history of the world, we want to be able to take pleasure in eating all different kinds of food from the comfort of our own home or with us on the go.

Countless varieties of food items are now available as pre-made meals. Thanks to frozen pizza, you don’t always have to go out to eat when you want the Italian classic. In fact, just take a look at the freezer or deli aisle of your local grocery store and you’ll see a wide selection of pre-made food that’s there to make your life easier.

For those families out there that either doesn’t want to cook every night or simply doesn’t have the time, pre-made meals have been a godsend.

where are the best places to eat crêpes?

1) in your home by the fireplace for a romantic crêpe moment
2) at work in a meeting to make everyone else in the conference room jealous
3) on the summit of Mount Everest for the highest crêpe selfie ever

here’s the problem:

restaurants are good, but there’s a catch…

Which brings us to the problem with the crêpe game in its current setup; do you know of a quick and easy way to eat crêpes? Of course, going out to a restaurant is fun and a sure way to get delicious crêpes. However, going out to eat can take up time we don’t always have. Eating out simply isn’t always convenient for families.

are crêpe stands any better?

If you were to go to a crêpe stand to satisfy your crêpe desires, you either have to sit down to eat it or stand around in one place. Elaborate crêpes can be too messy at times, as well. Messy foods make it practically impossible for a person to walk around and eat. Traditional crêpes, while scrumptious, just aren’t the most portable of foods.

when are the best times to eat crêpes?

4) when your dog chews another sofa cushion
5) when in rome, er, paris
6) after stroking a hole-in-one on a par 5

what about making crêpes at home?

This can be a really fun way to do it for a family. You get all the kids together downstairs on a Saturday or Sunday morning, throw on some tunes, and get to have fun making French delicacies together! And if you make the crêpes properly, they should be pretty delicious, too!

You also get to chef it up and add whatever tasty fillings you like.

For some people, however, making crêpes at home is an impractical operation. And for those who can make crêpes at home, it’s possible that from time-to-time they’d prefer a simpler option

it’s fun, but…

There is a potential downside when it comes to making crêpes at home.

First, you have to buy the ingredients. You have to have proper equipment otherwise you’re just making pancakes (read our article on the difference between crêpes and pancakes here!). Making crêpes requires special cookware and utensils (a t-shaped spreader and a billig, or crêpière, which is a kind of flat-top griddle). Even if you do go out and buy the ingredients and the equipment, you have to know the proper technique (“savoir-faire”) that goes into making authentic crêpes. And even if you do go out and buy the ingredients and the equipment and know the proper technique, you still have to sit down to eat them and then clean everything up afterward. Again, this is still a great and fun way to make crêpes with the family. But for those of you who don’t want to or can’t turn your kitchen into a private crêperie, there needs to be a simpler, easier option.

and here’s the solution:

crêpes to go!

All of this is to say…we have a solution to fixing the crêpe status quo! Introducing the crêpe to go! bakerly took the classic French crêpe, added a delicious filling (either chocolate, strawberry, or caramel), rolled it up — fruit roll-up style, and wrapped them individually! Now crêpes can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

As you can see above, our crêpes were named to Hubba’s list of the Best New Food & Beverage Products of 2017!

Now you can enjoy crêpes in a matter of seconds. If you’re at home and looking for a snack, a bakerly crêpe is the perfect option. It’s also a perfect snack to toss into your kids’ lunchbox for school. Quick and delicious, no cleanup. Eat it with your hands, no mess.

If you’re heading out to run errands you can always bring a quick bite along on the road with you.

You can take these crêpes to go with you literally anywhere. Heading to the movie theater and don’t want to spend more money on snacks? That’s where a bakerly crêpe comes in handy. Maybe there’s an event you’re heading to where it’s unlikely food will be served — like a graduation — taking a crêpe is the perfect play.

They’re perfect for travel, too! Car, train, or an airplane, there’s always room to bring a bakerly crêpe along with you.

Flipping the crêpe market on its head, one crêpe at a time.

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