Our French Origins

Our story began with our founders Julien and Fabian, two “Bretons” from Northwestern France, who combined their passion and love for good food to create a happy company: bakerly.

from our family
to yours

Our philosophy

Our goal is simple: create high quality bakery products that are identical to those they enjoyed as children in France.

our ingredients promise!


In French, ”Savoir-faire” means “Know-how”. Behind every product, stands a talented team of artisan bakers who use their expertise of French tradition and passion to transform our authentic ingredients into scrumptious snacks that will make you go “yum!” each time!


Our ingredients are as simple as our goal. We put in love and quality ingredients in all our yummy products we make to build trust and gain loyal customers one crêpe or brioche at a time.

No-no list

bakerly has a list of “no-no ingredients” and takes pride in being free from artificial colors, flavors, free from preservatives and of course, free from high fructose corn syrup. Check the list here!

bakerly no-no list!

Bon appétit!

Authentic French brioche, crêpes and pancakes from our family to yours!