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easy and elegant ideas to celebrate Easter with bakerly

easy and elegant ideas to celebrate Easter with bakerly

If you're looking for easy and tasty ideas that the whole family will enjoy this Spring, look no further than these elegant Easter brunch ideas. From fluffy pancakes to-go topped with edible flowers, buttery brioche rolls decorated with chocolate bunnies, to a fun crêpes to-go hunt, these innovative ideas will guarantee a smile on everyone’s face. Plus, many of these recipes are so easy to make that you can whip them up in just a few minutes on Easter morning. Check out our bakerly ideas to help you welcome Spring to your table!

Easter brunch ideas

yummy funny bunny brioche rolls

Hop if you are going to try these adorable chocolate funny bunny brioche rolls! They are so easy to make and almost too cute to eat. They are sure to bring a little French flair to your Spring this year and turn your whole family into chocolate lovers.


Spring pancakes to-go!

Now blooming: our delicious pancakes to-go! Say 'bonjour' to Spring with our fluffy pancakes to-go topped with beautiful edible flowers, delicious berries and sweet crème fraîche. This elegant recipe is sure to impress everyone at the table and it takes only a few minutes to whip-up!


brioche rolls tasty trifle

Get your mitts on this easy no-bake brioche rolls dessert trifle for some simple and sweet deliciousness! Simply cut up into small pieces your bakerly brioche rolls and add layers of delicious chocolate spread, sprinkles, vanilla cream, and fresh fruit. Bon appétit!

pancakes to-go skewers

Signs of Spring: our pancakes to-go are in full bloom! Try these easy-to-make mini flower pancake to-go skewers paired with delicious fresh fruit. Your little ones will have a blast eating these!


honeybee & PB toast

Turn our buttery sliced brioche into art! This delicious PB & honey toast is the bee's knees and so fun to make. All you need to put your artsy skills to the test is a couple of our toasted slices of our sliced brioche, a smooth nut butter and an easy-to-pour honey.


simply amazing brioche rolls

Simple can be simply amazing. Make an easy breakfast with our buttery and slightly sweet brioche rolls paired with butter, jelly, honey or good enough to be enjoyed by themselves!


fun Easter activities with bakerly snacks 

crêpes and pancakes tic-tac-toe

How cute is this bakerly spin on tic-tac-toe? Create your own set of rules and be as creative as you want. The little ones will have a blast playing and later they get to enjoy all the delicious bakerly snacks to-go!


crêpes to-go hunt

Who's ready for an exciting crêpes to-go hunt? This year, switch up your regular Easter egg hunt and think outside the box - or basket with our delicious crêpes to-go! Our tasty crêpes to-go come individually wrapped, which makes them the perfect tasty snack for a fun Easter crêpe hunt. Happiness is one bite away! (pc: What Moms Love)


bakerly crêpes to-go bunny cone

Crêpes to-go hunt essentials: bakerly bunny cone + crêpes to-go assortment! Make your own crêpes to-go cone and get hopping: download your own here! All you need is to print it out at home, cut around the edges and paste them together with glue or double-sided tape. 

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