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ūüíô Free Shipping On Orders $50+
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ūüíô Free Shipping On Orders $50+
ūüíô Free Shipping On Orders $50+
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spread the word, Halloween just got upgraded with bakerly

spread the word, Halloween just got upgraded with bakerly

Spooky season is officially underway and we have compiled a list of creative and yummy treats to upgrade your Halloween festivities this year. Plan ahead for a spook-tacular weekend filled with brioche, tasty snacks to-go and trick-or-treaters that are too cute to spook! Plus, who says Halloween is all about the candy? Check out the list below for our best not-candy Halloween bakerly treats, because the only scary thing about trying a new recipe is not knowing where to start. 

spooky ghost chocolate chip brioche rolls

Looking for a fun Halloween food craft to make with the kids? These spooky ghost chocolate chip brioche rolls will add the perfect touch of sweetness to the holiday! Just melt some white and milk chocolate, and voilà! But beware, they’ll fly away soon.


finger food, literally

Get creative this year by adding these brioche hot dog fingers to your Halloween menu and get the family fright party started.


trick or cheese? 

Put a twist on the classic Halloween activity and trade the pumpkin for delicious brioche burger buns. This scary delicious brioche jack-o-lantern burger is the perfect savory and fun Halloween treat.


haunted Halloween pancakes to-go 

Top our delicious pancakes to-go with melted caramel and some spooky Halloween toppers for a scary good Halloween treat that your little monsters deserve!


bakerly, phone home! 

Spook your little ones this Halloween season with a creative and tasty E.T. themed hand braided brioche toast.


sliced brioche


This spooky PB&J brioche sandwich is so tasty and easy to make, your little ones will have a scary good time in the kitchen!

brioche burger bun

ice cream BOOrger

What's a ghost's favorite dessert? ice scream sandwich! Especially when it is made with buttery brioche burger buns



monster-iffic crêpes to-go

These fun crêpes to-go treats are a fun kitchen activity to do with your kids! They will love decorating the monsters with melted chocolate and topping them off with spooky accessories. But they will love even more how good they taste!


no tricks, just treats! 

Our individually wrapped crêpes to-go, pancakes to-go and chocolate croissants are the perfect addition to any trick-or-treat basket! Surprise your little ones with a delicious & unexpected snack.


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