Miami-based company launches the best crêpes in the world at Publix

Miami-based company launches the best crêpes in the world at Publix | bakerly

bakerly products are hitting Publix stores right now!

bakerly is a no artificial coloring or flavoring, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup brand that uses authentic ingredients you can trust…

The four new products you can find on the deli section at Publix are chocolate and strawberry crêpes

the #1 bakery snack in France, are individually packed and are already rolled and filled for everyone to eat on-the-go. trust me, you must go now to your nearby Publix store because these crêpes are flying off the shelves… there are two flavors: chocolate crêpes, with only real chocolate from real cacao trees! and strawberry crêpes, with real strawberry jam. the price for a package is $3.99. check out the chocolate crêpe product page here, and the strawberry crêpe page here!

soft brioche baguette

an authentic french recipe. think of this one as a traditional Viennese baguette, only better! enjoy it all of the ways you would enjoy a regular baguette, and then remember it’s not regular – it’s just a teensy bit sweeter! enjoy your soft baguette your way for $4.99! check out the brioche baguette product page here!


mini brioche rolls

These buns are anything but ordinary. you can enjoy them in place of a plain old bun for your burgers, or breakfast sandwiches or you can get even more creative and use them for lobster roll or pulled pork sandwiches. however you use them, the end result is sure to be smiles all around the table for only $4.49…see more on the brioche rolls product page here!


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