ready, set, POP your crêpes to go!

ready, set, POP your crêpes to go! | bakerly

yes, a hip and fun way to open your crêpes to go!

Have you been tearing open your crêpes every time you want one? Well, you're not alone; we all have been tearing open our delicious bakerly crêpes...until now! We'd like to introduce you to a new and entertaining way to open your crêpes to the video below to find out how you can have fun and eat a crêpe too!

Now that you know the new, hip way to open your crêpe, the next step is to get a bag (or two, or three, or -- okay, you get the idea) of bakerly crêpes and start popping! Once you POP it open, it's time to get enjoyin'! And parents, there's no need to worry about cleaning up any messes after popping. It's not like popping open a bag of crackers. Crêpe-popping is a mess-free activity!

Don't be surprised if your brain reprograms itself to expect a crêpe every time you hear a popping sound. That's just what deliciously authentic crêpes will do to a person. But hey, at least there's an easy fix. We'll let you guess what that is... ;)

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