the best bakerly brioches you can find on Amazon!

the best bakerly brioches you can find on Amazon! | bakerly

What is it you say? Brioche on Amazon?!

Just a reminder that today you can basically get anything delivered right to your front door. Isn’t this amazing? Amazon brings you the power to order and have anything you want delivered straight to your home. Guess what?! So does bakerly!

We know what it feels like to not be able to find the ONE brioche YOU want when you’re craving it. It’s for that same reason that you can now order your bakerly deliciousness and have it waiting for you on your front porch when you get home from work.

You will see that there are a lot of products on Amazon, and the quantity is not going to stop any time soon. After long hours of experimenting product quality, we’ve come to realize that the “savoir-faire” bakerly has to offer is huge compared to others! If you’re looking for the best brioche, and we’re pretty sure you are, then you might want to give bakerly its chance. After all, we did find out that it was the best brioche Amazon has to offer and here’s why. When you open your box full of bakerly goodies, the authentic and simple ingredients will take you away! When you eat the brioche, you smell the pure delicacy that is the buttery soft bread. As of today, they are the best brioche bread you can find on Amazon! Imagine the joy and happiness when you will receive your personal box of bakerly products. Not everyone can say “I just received my bakerly shipment.” You sound important and you will feel more entitled to the brioche!

What happens when I’m out of brioche?

Not to worry! We can help with your mid-week crisis (we know you have one, everybody does)!
It’s the middle of the week and right when you’re about to have breakfast you realize you’re out of brioche rolls. Oh my! What a disaster… of course, this is a problem because you don’t have time to do groceries in the middle of the week. Luckily for you, bakerly comes to the rescue! Once you get to work, take five minutes of your day, head to the bakerly Amazon storefront and reorder your precious brioche rolls that make your mornings so much better! The convenience we offer you through Amazon is uncanny!

But that’s not it! When you do order online, you’ll see that we also have our authentic soft brioche baguettes available! Which you can now order on their own. Don’t worry if you still enjoy the variety pack, you can still order it here! The best part is that bakerly commits to shipping in the following two business days, and 3 to 5 days later you receive your brioche shipment! Isn’t that amazing?! How many companies do you know do that (besides Amazon Prime of course)?

Anywho, this was a positive interruption of your day since you now know you can order your favorite brioche online! You can now carry on what you were doing and of course happy baking!

Here is the direct link to our Amazon storefront.


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