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the best snacks for a happy party!

the best snacks for a happy party!

we have the bases covered 

Picture this: Your son or daughter has a little league ball game later this week and you’re responsible for bringing the post-game snack. You already know which snacks the parents before you in the rotation brought because you’re there for every game. You try racking your brain for a snack you can bring that will be different but the kids will still enjoy.

And then the light in your head goes on! You realize those bakerly crêpes you hide from your kids (on top of the cabinet shelf or under the sink behind or the paint cans in the backyard shed because they love them so much and will eat an entire bag in one sitting) are the perfect snack! So what do you do? You go on Amazon and buy a variety value pack to have crêpes-to-go for everyone!

the best snacks for a happy party!

crêpes for all kinds of events…

Now, the post-game meetup in Little League isn’t the only occasion where you may be responsible for providing food for a large number of mouths. As we’re sure you already know, there are quite a few occurrences that draw large numbers of people. Birthday parties, Bar Mitzvah’s, office parties, sleepovers, pajama parties, conferences, and the list goes on!

If you’ve ever tried our crêpes-to-go, you know they’re not your average snack. (If you haven’t, make a quick visit to our happy customer feedback page and you’ll see what we’re talking about!) Let’s explore a few different events and scenarios where a large order of crêpes will come in handy and help make you the people’s champion.

where are the best events for bringing a lot of crêpes? 

1) a crêpe party (duh!)
2) a video game party
3) an eclipse watch party



They happen throughout the year for a variety of reasons. It can be someone’s birthday, a graduation, a holiday, a viewing party for a TV show, a sleepover party, a trivia night, a karaoke party, or a block party to name a bunch of different possible parties.

  • Birthday party: How many parties does the average person attend each year? We aren’t sure of the answer, but if you’re a parent we’re confident there are a lot of birthday parties that you’re involved with throughout the year in one way or another. And what’s an important consideration for the birthday party? Making sure all the kids are happy. We have an idea – give them chocolate, and lots of it! We promise it won’t be messy, as we wrap a tasty crêpe around the delicious (and real) chocolate we use in our chocolate crêpes! And since it’s almost impossible to eat only one crêpe at a time, our large variety pack will make sure everyone gets the fill of crêpes they deserve.
  • Graduation: what better way is there to congratulate a young adult on moving on to the next step in life than heaping dozens of crêpes upon them! Help celebrate your child’s accomplishments by having crêpes ready to eat at the graduation party! Sure, maybe you already have a caterer (whether it’s a catering business or your grandmother cooking a homemade feast), but we know our crêpes-to-go will be a hit both before the feast begins and once the meal cleanup is complete.
  • Easter: chocolate is almost as synonymous with Easter as is Spring! Everyone loves chocolate on Easter, kids and adults included. We aren’t suggesting that you replace the chocolate eggs or bunnies with our crêpes-to-go, but they would be a nice addition to change things up while remaining just as chocolatey as ever! 

what are other great events for bringing many crêpes? 

1) a school sleepover
2) a teacher planning day party
3) a finally getting you drivers license on the 7th try party (lucky #7)


but wait, there’s more!

  • Team building events: bring your work team, science olympiad team, or any other team together with some authentic French crêpes! With chocolate, strawberry, crunchy caramel, and crunchy chocolate, there’s sure to be a flavor for everyone!
  • Office parties: for those special days out of the year where the office staff gets to drop what they’re doing for a few minutes. Double the enjoyment by having delicious crêpes-to-go on hand!
  • Golf events: riding around for 18 holes is a sure way to build up an appetite! But with our crêpes to go, you don’t have to wait for that one friend to putt for triple bogey on the 18th hole before you can eat. Take these tasty snacks with you to have between holes!
  • Conclaves: your friends are tired of the same snacks at your weekly secret meeting. Focus on what you’re actually meeting up for by having your snacks covered…with our crêpes of course. Oh, and what is a conclave? Apparently, it’s a secret meeting of some kind. Hey, the more you know!
  • Conference breakout session: be the hero of the breakout session by having crêpes to go at the ready, and impress people with your forward-thinking all at the same time!
  • Art show: you’re an artist and need to give the art-viewers a little extra incentive to come check out your artwork and maybe buy something, so you entice the crowd by providing crêpes. It’s sure to succeed, right?
  • Fundraisers: buy in bulk and resell for $1; tremendous value, great product!

what are some other great events for bringing a lot crêpes?

1) a garage sale
2) a hipster coffee shop open mic night
3) a post-egg and spoon race


we’re not done yet…

  • Meetups: Here’s a sure-fire way to increase meeting attendance – have our crêpes out for both members and prospective-members to enjoy! After-school clubs might never be the same…in a good way!
  • Networking: are you in charge of hosting a networking event? Get the attendees in a good mood by having our crêpes-to-go on hand for everyone to try! Warning: having our crêpes out may lead to increased levels of snack conversation instead of the actual networking that people came for in the first place.
  • Receptions: Wedding receptions are the perfect place for…okay, maybe a wedding reception is a little too formal for our crêpes to go, no matter how delicious they are.
  • Open house: Here’s the scenario: you work in real estate and even though the house you’re currently trying to sell is a charming, beautiful two-story Victorian, for some reason you’re having a little trouble getting people through the door to see it for themselves. You think to yourself, I’ll host an open house with a variety of unique appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, and I’ve heard great things about these crêpes so I’ll give them a try too. The day of the open house comes and it ends up being a complete failure because all the attendees are focused on how good the crêpes are and completely forgot they were even interested in the house!

It’s okay if you don’t have any events on the horizon. An order of our crêpes will put you in the perfect position to throw your very own crêpe party! Be careful that word of your crêpe party doesn’t spread too far or there may be a line outside your front door snaking around the block. When crêpes are this good, anything can happen.

It’s time to get this party started!

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