trick-or-treating during COVID-19, is Halloween canceled?

trick-or-treating during COVID-19, is Halloween canceled? | bakerly

What a year! Honestly had you told us that we would be living through 2020 like this, we would have probably asked to skip the year haha. We all know that’s not possible, so instead, we decided to bring the treats to you for Halloween. Trick or treat is still on by the way! Halloween is definitely not canceled, at least not with bakerly. With a little bit of help, we’ve come up with a few ideas that should make your trick or treating experience much better

colorful zoning makes the difference

As you may know, the map of the United States has become a rainbow recently. Our government officials have decided to color code each county of our beautiful country. Green, yellow, orange and red zones. Each color is code for the intensity of your Halloween 2020. As the bakers of happiness, we are known to be jolly and funny all the time, but for this article we are taking our serious tone as it concerns everyone’s health safety. 

green zone: trick or treat here we come!

You probably guessed it right. If your county is green, you can definitely bring out the 2020 scary costume, it’s time to get the stock of candy for the year. However, there are still some guidelines you should follow. Your county will most likely have those guidelines on their official website, but here’s our recommendation. The first one is of course to keep your distances and to help with that you should look into “garage trick or treat”. This is going to become a new trend. Neighbors, it’s time to go all out on the spooky driveway. There’s definitely more room to roam on a driveway than a pathway. Careful now, you wouldn’t want to get spooked by a crunchy caramel crêpe to-go, they’re everywhere this year, even in your local grocery store. We made a list of where they’re hiding. By clicking here you will have exquisite access to our store locator.

what if my zone is not green?

NO WORRIES! Everything is under control. bakerly is always here with the perfect solution to always put your health safety first. The new big thing is the curbside pickup and candy hunts.  Drive up to the neighbor’s curbside treat shop and get yourself an extendable grabber to pick up your tasty treats. We heard they had some French pancakes to-go! Have you thought of neighborhood candy hunt? As a neighborhood, designate one family to place the candy throughout the neighborhood and on October 31st call the candy hunt open! The best treats to hide are definitely the chocolate hazelnut crêpes to-go! If you’re the designated neighbor to hide all the candy, grab a few packs of bakerly crêpes to-go by clicking here. When the day comes for the candy hunt, remember to keep the 6 feet social distance and the hand sanitizer handy.

In the event that your county is really affected by COVID-19, there is always the possibility to watch spooky movies all night and leave a bowl of candy at the entrance of your driveway. If you need inspiration on which movie to watch, you can check out Rotten Tomatoes’ website they have a list of the top 100 horror movies. If watching movies is not your thing, then be creative and launch your first Halloween zoom party! Yeah…we agree with you the last one is a bit special, but it’s for the greater good. The stronger we all are facing COVID, the better off we will be after.

whatever the color code is, your Halloween 2020 will be tasty

We already established that there were a color code and some guidelines to respect in every county, but what we have yet to establish is how tasty your Halloween 2020 will be. We’re pretty sure you all know by now that bakerly tends to bring out the life of the party. Well, once again, we’re here for your taste buds. It would be a shame to let them go without tastiness for the spooky season of the year. The advantage bakerly has with COVID-19 is that you can order your treats online! Let your taste buds be happy on October 31st and treat them with some French crêpes and pancakes to-go. Stay safe everyone and happy Halloween! 

PS: if you dress up as a scary virus and share it on your social media with some crêpes to-go and tag @bakerlyusa, you may get the nomination for best costume of the year. Good luck!

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