Valentine's Day with bakerly snacks

Valentine's Day with bakerly snacks | bakerly

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

This year it’s going to be yummylicious! Yes, we clearly just invented that word because why not! Our bakerly snacks turn out to be the perfect fit to make that one person happy.

You know how every year there’s that one big question that everybody asks you…”who’s your Valentine?” Well this year bakerly has your back! We’re going to help you plan the best Valentine’s Day for your dearest (or friends).

Do you know the story of Valentine’s day?

To make it short, Valentine’s Day is the day where we (humans) prove our love to each other, but it comes from the UK. The custom of giving flowers and chocolates started in England. To this day it remains a very important tradition.
One of the many stories that exist is the story of “Jack Valentine”. This character basically goes to every house in Norfolk and knocks on the rear door leaving some tasty treats for the children. Ironically, most children were scared of this mystical “Jack”.

Another story is about Zdravko from Slovenia, the saint of Spring, of good health and patron of the beekeepers. A famous proverb says that he is the one to “bring the keys to the roots”. It’s the start of Spring, so plants and flowers grow thanks to him. The cutest part of this story is when the birds propose to each other or marry on the 14th of February.

Now back to your Valentine!

The first step is (of course) to have a Valentine. For this step, we suggest that you take your courage and go up to the person that has won your heart. However! Do not go up there empty handed. It would be a tragedy to waste that sprint of courage and have nothing to give. The most common treat is chocolate. Everybody knows that, but what if we were to tell you that the new best thing to give is a bouquet of chocolate hazelnut crêpes to go! Yes, you read correctly, a bouquet of crêpes to go. You might be wondering, “how is this even possible”, well here it is:

Thankfully, the goodness does not stop here (that’s a good thing for your taste buds haha). There’s a new tasty product on the block (well, it’s been around for a while now, but it’s so good, that it’s worth mentioning again) the French pancakes to go. These amazing little on the go pancakes are also another great option for your tasty gift basket. The French pancakes to go are made for an adventure, and what better adventure than Valentine’s Day? The day where the entire world confesses their love to each other. Take the opportunity to tell your friends and family how much you love them by putting French pancakes to go in their gift basket.

Once you have your tasty snacks from bakerly, your gift basket is ready and your bouquet is yummylicious, go up to your beloved and confess your love (or if it’s a friend confess how much your friendship means to you)! You can then go (the both of you) sit on a bench in the park and munch on these tasty crêpes and French pancakes to go! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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