5K QSAC & tasty crêpes to go!

5K QSAC & tasty crêpes to go! | bakerly

 We are proud to be supporting this great cause. The QSAC provides support in the New York & Long Island area to families, children and adults, that have autism. It provides them with the opportunity of achieving greater independence by giving them person-centered services. To give back to our community, we decided to team up with QSAC and give them energy for their 5K. Tasty crêpes to go are the snack of choice. More precisely, hazelnut chocolate filled crêpes to go. It seems like this little guy got all the energy he needed to run and raise awareness of autism!

What is the story of QSAC?

QSAC means Quality Services for the Autism Community. It started in 1978 when a group of parents realized there were limited services to support their children with autism. Today, more than 2,500 people (children and adults) are able to receive the care they need.