continuing support for Feed the Children

continuing support for Feed the Children | bakerly
😊 we were so happy to be able to offer a wonderful snack moment to the kids that Feed the Children helps and supports so much! 💙

what is Feed the Children?

Since their founding in 1979 their mission has been quite simple; Feed the Children has set out to put an end to childhood hunger.  Around the world, Feed the Children provides nourishing meals to more than 263,000 children every day.

They understand they can't do it alone and in turn connect donors, experts, partners, leaders, and communities to sack the scourge that is childhood hunger from all directions. According to their website, Feed the Children is taking a stand against childhood hunger and will not stop until every child has enough to eat. We at bakerly are here to help!

It should go without saying that their vision is to create a world in which every child goes to bed with a full stomach. In turn, their mission is to provide hope and resources for such children without life's most elementary essentials.

Feed the Children seeks to challenge convention with their belief that a future absent of hungry children is attainable. In doing so, they treat each child and family in the communities where they work with value and worth.

For more information on Feed the Children, visit their website here. Do you want to know how you can get involved? Check out their "take action" page here.