FIPA breakfast in Carver middle school

FIPA breakfast in Carver middle school | bakerly
We are proud to have participated in the FIPA breakfast in G.W. Carver middle school. Children, teachers and parents were delighted to be able to enjoy the yummy crunchy caramel crêpes to go!



what is FIPA?

FIPA is the French International Parent Association that supports the french program in Miami public schools. It was created 25 years ago when the county decided it was time to improve the level of education in its public schools. FIPA takes care of helping french teachers with administrative tasks, supportive tasks when it comes to finances, but also promotes the french culture in Miami!

This little summary of FIPA is to why we decided to participate in the delicious breakfast they served the kids, teachers and parents. If you also want to help FIPA you can definitely get involved!