les Petits Artistes à Miami

les Petits Artistes à Miami | bakerly

We have recently started a partnership with an art school called Les Petits Artistes à Miami. When it comes to children and art, we are more than happy to participate! We’ve donated crunchy caramel crêpes to go and the kids were delighted to be able to sketch with such delicious snacks.



who are the Petits Artistes?

Passionate about education and art, Delphine started teaching it to children and adults. Art is more than just a technique, it’ s a natural mean of communication.

Through art, children find their own path to express themselves. Classes revolve around sensitivity, creative craving, and feeling and the most important is to observe. The kids walk out with an increased self-confidence and a more positive attitude towards learning, which leads them to success. They gain confidence not only towards their own artistic production, but more importantly towards their daily life and ability to learn! The artistic experience leads children to mutual respect and communication skills improvement.