coook of the month! season 2

coook of the month! season 2 | bakerly

And so the journey of feeding our stomachs continues with another season! Every month, we bring the team together to enhance our tastebuds and discover what food each culture has to offer to satisfy our cravings!

December 25th, 2019

It's Christmas time at the bakerly office. For the holidays, Fabian decided it was time to spoil us with some homemade French pâté! Oh boy, it was delicious! The sweet and buttery taste of brioche with this French delicacy was simply exquisite. It was not only pâté, but also "souris d'agneau", a mushroom risotto and a mascarpone & red fruit salad. Thank you Fabian it was a fabulous Christmas meal!

October 28th, 2019

This month, it was Sonia's turn to make us discover her delicious traditional dish from Cote d'Ivoire. On the menu we had some "Mafe", "Choukouya d'agneau (lamb)", some "Beignets sucrés (sweetened doughnuts)" and some "Gnamakoudji (ginger juice)". It was sooo good we wish she could cook every month for us. Thank you Sonia!





September 27th, 2019 

Let the feast begin! Our Colombian coooks Yudith and Sebas have outdone themselves. On the menu we have a "Cazuela de Frijoles", "Refajo", "Aguapanela" and "Mazamorra". Thank you for this amazing lunch!







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