mooo team life, season 1

mooo team life, season 1 | bakerly

our office feed!

since we love the atmosphere of our moooffice we wanted to open our doors and invite you inside. there's always something going on here...and now you can see what that is! to keep up with us daily, see more on our Facebook page!

the new bakerly mooobile! (alternatively, the bakmobile)

our happy co-founder making crêpes for his team!

daily mood :)

daily mood :)

things were getting wild!

our wonderful digital marketing editor Alex G. was the champion!

an all-time great, our boss is not like Michael.

happy halloween!

our very special digital marketing team-member Gaby has finally returned!

the happy cow is in take-off position

real flower or not?

we could have used a little more wind...

the most wonderful time of the year!

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