the brioche hot dog buns

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Looking for the perfect buns to go with your hot dog? bakerly brioche hot dog buns are soft, fluffy, and deliciously flavorful - perfect for any backyard barbecue. Bakerly’s brioche hot dog buns add an extra dimension of flavor and texture to your average hot dog - not to mention they make any meal look a little bit fancier. So whether you're in the mood for a classic all-American hot dog or something a little more gourmet, these brioche buns have you covered.

good to know
French recipe
short list of ingredients
rich flavor & soft texture


Quality ingredients make better recipes!

the bakerly promise

The best ingredients

Real Brioche!

‘’brioche’’ is the hallmark of France... a bread made with wheat flour, eggs and butter for an incomparable texture and taste! Made with Savoir Faire (French for expertise) and the best ingredients.

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