good work vibes

The path to success is a very simple recipe for Julien and Fabian: high quality products made with Love, and amazing collaborative team equals a successful company. It’s as simple as that!

A few more things to love about our incredible team atmosphere:

  • You can improve your dart game
  • Enjoy Fabian’s occasional crepe cook-off, and taste what made his French restaurant so successful!
  • Become a NBA player at the neighborhood playground!
  • Improve your endurance with our running team!
  • Learn to love the unique jokes of Charles, our Supply Chain manager!
  • Very Secrete spots of Kitesurfing from Julien! But Shuuuut…..don’t tell to anybody else!
  • Enjoy our cheerful celebrations at happy hour after a successful week (err…every week!)
  • Participate in our Halloween costume competitions (our crazy Senior Graphic Designer Mauricio won again this year!)
  • Learn more than you ever thought possible about the food industry and the amazing people in it!

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Loves to cook and loves food
  • Has a good sense of humor
  • Possesses a can-do attitude
  • Isn’t just looking for a job, but a career with coworkers they’d soon consider family
  • Has experience but is also willing learn and grow
  • Desires to achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • Has goals to surpass expectations, not just meet the minimum requirements
  • Likes to show his or her best capabilities at work

Always tries to have a good joke in his or her back pocket! If this all sounds great to you, you can submit your resume here.