Bakerly's Good Work Vibes

Bakerly Good Work Vybes

the path to success is a very simple recipe for Julien and Fabian: high quality products made with love and amazing collaborative team equals a successful company. It’s as simple as that!

Enjoy Fabian’s occasional crêpe cook-off, and taste what made his French restaurant so successful!

Become an NBA player at the neighborhood playground! We play every Thursday so be ready to dribble.

Improve your endurance with our running team! We participate in yearly marathons and corporate runs!!

Learn to love the unique jokes of Charles, our Supply Chain manager! In another life, he was a standup comedian.

Very secret spots of Kitesurfing from Julien!
But shhhhh…don’t tell anyone else!

You can improve your dart game. There's a really cool target in our office, and we are super competitive.

Participate in our Halloween costume competitions and see if you have what it takes to scare our founder Fabian.

Learn more than you ever thought possible about the food industry and the amazing people in it!

Loves to cook and loves food, you'll participate in our coook of the month once a year.

Possesses a can-do attitude and embraces new challenges as opportunities to learn something new.

Isn’t just looking for a job, but a career with coworkers they’d soon consider family.

Has experience, but is also willing to learn and grow with the bakerly family!

Desires to achieve a healthy work-life balance, this is important to be a happy and motivated employee.

Has goals to surpass expectations, not just meet the minimum requirements.

Likes to show his or her best capabilities at work while challenging your limits.

Always tries to have a good joke in his or her back pocket, humor is part of our daily office life!

If this all sounds great to you, and you are ready to wear the bakerly hat you can submit your resume here:

Bakerly Hat