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First began when Julien and Fabian, two “Bretons” from Northwestern France, decided to combine their efforts, talents and energy into one mission:

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Bakerly Brioche Rolls
Bakerly Brioche Rolls
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Julien’s family company (Norac Foods) has decades of experience in manufacturing delicious wholesome bakery products in France. Being half American himself, he’s been waiting for the right time to move to the U.S. (and bring his French goodies along with him!)

Fabian’s restaurant was known for making the best crêpes in all of Brittany (and arguably France!). Now that he has lived in the U.S. for over a decade, he’s ready to share his passion and knowledge in crêpe making and bakery items with the other side of the globe.

Together, their goal has always been simple: "To stay true to making quality bakery products that are identical to those they enjoyed as children in France and offer them to American families."

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