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bakerly, a family-owned company, is proud to be home to one of the fastest growing brands in the US food industry! We are a baked goods manufacturer that places an emphasis on absolutely delicious, premium and authentic recipes that use only the very best ingredients.

Our state-of-the-art production facility is located in Easton, PA and our Corporate Sales office is located in Miami, FL!

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bakerly’s Philosophy is simple: “Companies don’t succeed, people do!” so let’s “Work Hard, Play Hard!”

The brioche Oven Operator is a leadership position out on the floor that assumes responsibility for the beginning of the production process. He/she must maintain streamline communication between the “bakery” (precooked phase) and packaging (cooked phase) to ensure consistent line flow occurs. The brioche line conductor will oversee the functions of the kemper operator as well as the baker to ensure process flow is not compromised and that production goals are regularly met. Job responsibilities also include but are NOT limited to quality and production records filled out timely and accurately as well as maintaining a clean work environment comprised of but NOT limited to the daily task sheet and master sanitation list.

Oven Operator – Major Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

  • Must have the ability to facilitate and manage operators to ensure quality product is coming downstream.
  • Take all proper steps to eliminate downtime and prevent any events that may deviate from the continuous work flow.
  • Maintain accurate and timely records of production and quality sheets.
  • Take complete ownership of the bakery area and maintain continuous work, and address any employee needs to supervisor.
  • Promote and coach a team atmosphere to ensure cohesiveness of team.
  • Maintain strong communication with management team as well as team members on floor.
  • Reduce and eliminate as much downtime as possible to ensure quality of product.
  • Adhere to all Bakerly Barn GMP’s; including but not limited to handwashing, sanitizing, no food, gum, candy, tobacco on the production floor.
  • Proper PPE and attire at all times when on the floor; including but not limited to uniforms, gloves, safety shoes, dust masks and others that may be required.
  • Maintains timeliness to, from, and during production.
  • Uphold SQF and Food Safety standards; including but not limited to maintaining accuracy of Lot numbers, organized tooling and equipment, and maintaining an overall clean and organized workspace.
  • Report ALL quality and safety concerns to reporting manager or member of management team not limited but including; unknown visitors, pest control, expiration or production quality in question, sanitation, etc.

Job Qualification Requirements:

  • Good organizational skills.
  • Previous food manufacturing is not required but preferred.
  • Must be able to adhere to health and safety regulations.
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines.
  • Previous line lead/conductor experience preferred.
  • adequate with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point).
  • Ability to stand, walk, stoop, kneel, bend, climb stairs, and lift up to 55 lbs.
  • Ability to operate machinery, multi-task, interpret and follow precise instructions.
  • Complete tasks promptly and carefully.
  • Ability to work quickly and cleanly.
  • Ability to respond to continually changing priorities.
  • Continuously observe and evaluate operations to identify problems and/or opportunities for improvement.
  • Comply with FDA, OSHA and all other regulatory agencies while complying with good manufacturing practices.
  • Be proficient and accurate in changeover procedures including but not limited to tooling change, as well as recipe change.
  • Interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Is flexible in helping out both in and outside of their department in order to accommodate the continuous growth of the operations.

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If your job search requires a positive environment with team support along with free French pastries, you’ve just been matched!