what does smart snacking mean for bakerly?

what does smart snacking mean for bakerly? | bakerly

a quick history lesson…

It’s been give-or-take 70 years that the great nation of the United States became a nation of snackers. Around the 1950s is when the whole snacking industry was introduced. This snacking habit quickly grew since the idea was to respond to basic cravings for sugar, salt and fat. Americans quickly adopted this method of snacking anywhere, whether it be at home, work, school, while driving or even walking down the street. In the whole snacking process that became quickly the new norm, a lot of people started to question whether or not the nutritional value was still there. For decades, a snack meant for the American people choosing taste over health, since nutritionally appealing snacks were rare and ones that tasted decent even more rare!

not to worry!


Over the last few years, the snacking industry has started to see a great shift in the way the American people consume snacks. It was such a shift, that they all started to lookout for their health and healthy snacking became a mainstream. Nowadays, the new trend is to eat better-for-you snacks or smart snacks.

what are better-for-you snacks?

That’s quite an interesting question if you ask us. The actual definition of a better-for-you snack is a snack that blends just the right amount of taste, nutrition and convenience. Our definition of a better-for-you snack is a crêpe to go or even a French pancake to go! The definition will be easier to remember if you can put a delicious taste onto it.

how are bakerly snacks better-for-you snacks?

That’s another great question. Today is your day for great questions! Well to start off, when you take a bakerly snack (let’s say a crêpe to go) you feel the deliciousness in the taste. You know that it’s been recently baked and that your taste buds will be happy! When you eat a crêpe to go from bakerly it has the advantage of being made with simple ingredients. The list is very short and the first few are milk, wheat flour, sugar (real one), eggs, sunflower oil, butterfat and salt (and then you add the filling of your choice whether it be chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, crunchy caramel, or crunchy chocolate). For that little boost of energy during the day, a crêpe is perfect, it only has between 120 and 150 calories (depending on the flavor you choose) and will get you going for another two hours, or at least until lunch. Now you probably didn’t know this, but crêpes to go can come in very handy during a day at work, or wherever you are actually. A crêpe to go is definitely the most convenient better-for-you snack that you will find in your nearest grocery store. So why is it convenient? The answer is very simple. You can simply hide it anywhere you’d like and take it out whenever you feel like it. Plus, it has the advantage of not being a messy snack.


Another snack that has become very popular over the last few months, is the French pancake to go. In just one bite, it lifts you off your feet and transports you to a whole other dimension of smart snacks! This better-for-you French pancake to go is also made with simple ingredients. It has wheat flour, reduced fat milk, eggs and a few more, but overall all ingredients are carefully selected for your nutrition. In terms of taste, it all depends on what you prefer. If you’re the type to go for a hint of sweetness and a cakey texture, then the French pancakes to go are for you! When it comes to convenience, the French pancakes to go are simply amazing. You can literally fit them anywhere! They’re also the best snack to munch on at work according to Jen. She has mentioned in “what are the best times to snack on your favorite bakerly product?” that she craves them every day! So if they’re approved by Jen, it must mean that these French pancakes to go are an excellent better-for-you snack.

Overall, whether it is a crêpe to go or a French pancake to go, bakerly has you covered. In both cases, these snacks are delicious better-for-you snacks that bring your taste buds taste, nutrition and convenience.

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