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what are the best times to snack on your favorite bakerly product?

what are the best times to snack on your favorite bakerly product?

If there’s one thing you need to know about our yummy bakerly snacks is that there’s always a time to snack on them. During your day, you can always rely on either a tasty crêpe to go, our famous French pancakes to go, our delicious chocolate croissants, or even buttery chocolate chip brioche rolls (even though they’re not really a snack we’ll put it in context to show you how you can enjoy them).

Here’s how to enjoy your bakerly happiness throughout the day. We think that Jen’s story will give you the inspiration you need on your foodie endeavors.

Rise and shine Jen!

This morning Jen has a very important meeting with our logistic team. She really needs to be on time to discuss the subject of a missing crate of crêpes. Can you imagine the issue that’s at stake right now!? A full crate of crêpes has gone missing!
Anyway, when she wakes up, she realizes that she doesn’t have anything in the fridge for breakfast, but luckily she finds in her kitchen cabinet a pack of our famous French pancakes to go. With great relief she knows that she’ll be on time!
She thought to herself on the way over to the office that: “these French pancakes to go can really save you a great deal of time.” For some reason (that is unknown to the universe), time has become a sacred element of our daily lives. Everybody is always searching for it. That’s where the slightly sweetened French pancakes to go help you find it! By being individually wrapped and ready made, they’re perfect for the last minute on the go adventure.
Now, did Jen make it on time for her meeting? Yes of course she did!

The 10 am rumble…

After a VERY productive meeting to find the missing crate (which they found by the way, in case you were starting to get worried), Jen feels she needs a little something to boost her energy and power through to lunch.
That’s where the tasty crêpes to go pop in!
As a crêpe to go lover you may already be doing like our Jen, but we feel it’s important for you to know that it’s ok to munch on a crêpe to go behind your computer screen. Everyone does it!
Now why is it the perfect 10 am snack? Well after hours of reflection with Jen, we figured that because of their easiness to pop open (which can learn how to do here) and their size, they are perfect to hide them in your pen holder on your desk. Jen has been doing it every day and she only reveals it today that she’s been snacking at 10 am behind her screen! We won’t say who, but we know others that love these tasty snacks!

4 pm we all know what that means!

After a healthy lunch and a few solid hours of working hard, when 4 pm hits, it’s time for that afternoon snack. Jen suggests eating a ready to eat chocolate croissant. Honestly, we get why she would suggest such an idea. In France, 4 pm is the time where you go to the bakery and get your “chocolatine” or “pain au chocolat” (depends where you’re from, but it’s a big deal whether you say “chocolatine” or "pain au chocolat”) right out of the baker’s oven. Our chocolate croissants may not be straight out from the baker’s oven, but they live up to the same expectation; a soft and buttery specialty that transports you to another universe as soon as you take that first bite. The chocolate melts on your taste buds as soon as it hits your mouth and you will probably get this feeling only with a French and tasty chocolate croissant.


After a long day and a healthy dinner…

Jen got home exhausted. Her meeting to find the missing crate of crêpes was very successful, but the rest of the day was filled with sample requests from all the sales team. She was submerged in boxes, tape and wrapping paper. However, after dinner she has a delicious habit that makes everything better even when the day has already been amazing. She stops, sits back and turns on the tv to watch her favorite tv show. At that specific moment, she likes to enjoy a nice warm tea with a chocolate chip brioche roll on the side. Even though this brioche is not considered an on the go snack, does not mean it can’t be a "stay at home snack". The softness of the roll melting in your mouth is unique and pairs so well with a hot beverage. If your thing is a hot chocolate, by all means, eat your chocolate chip brioche roll with it!

Overall, we think that Jen has a pretty solid snack schedule. If you’re in the mood and would like to try it out, here are the product pages for each product that we mentioned.

Pancakes to go

Crêpes to go

Chocolate Croissant

Chocolate chip brioche roll

If you do try out Jen’s snack schedule, let us know what you think in the comments down below. It would make her extremely happy to see that she’s not the only one to snack behind her computer on crêpes to go!
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  • Lone Maya
    Lone Maya

    I love me some the bakerly products.
    Jen is Jen-uinely ok with me!

    November 19, 2019
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