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2020 is going to be a special back to school

2020 is going to be a special back to school

Who would have thought that we would be having such a special back to school this year? Did you ever see yourself going back to “work” or “school” from home? We for sure did not see that coming… However, as the experts on snacks to-go, we’re ready to adapt; the “to-go snack” you used to put in your children’s lunchbox (and on your own) can definitely be put on the corner of their study space at home. Whether you are going back online, physically or a hybrid of both, bakerly definitely has what it takes for a proper “back to school.” So, what do we have in stock for this year? How does a bit of deliciousness and happiness sound?

a year filled with pancakes

To start the year properly, the first hint of sweetness you need in your pantry is definitely the French pancakes to-go. We already established that this back to school was going to be different, but how different are we talking? Well, the French pancakes to-go are not quite what you would expect. A lot of people have mistaken them for crêpes. So, how are they different from classic French crêpes? bakerly’s French pancakes to-go are probably the best combination between crêpes and pancakes, but keep in mind when comparing crêpes and pancakes that crêpes are usually larger in diameter and rolled or folded with a filling, whereas pancakes are usually cooked with the filling (most of the time its blueberries or maple syrup). In the case of the French pancakes to-go, the filling would be their delicate sweetness.

They were originally created as the perfect adventure snack. However, considering the current circumstances, it’s safe to say that the adventure is limited nowadays.

no worries, everything is under control!

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can bring them with you, as long as you eat them safely. If you want ready-made pancakes to elevate your children’s homeschooling snacks, they’re the perfect packaged deal! Even if your adventure is limited to your living room or your home office, bakerly’s French pancakes to-go are here for your taste buds. Grab a pack here and enjoy a tasty snack while you’re homeschooling your way through back to school 2020.

poppin’ crêpes

You may have guessed right. The next best thing that will take your taste buds away is the famous crêpes to-go. Made with their delicious fillings they are the perfect on-the-go snack for a trip to the other side of the house haha. All jokes aside, do you know why bakerly’s crêpes to-go have won the taste buds of so many?

For starters, there is a variety of types of fillings you can get. There are four to be exact, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, crunchy chocolate and, crunchy caramel. bakerly made sure to have as many flavors as possible to satisfy everyone. For those who want to get all four flavors at once, the best way to do it is to get the variety pack. Another reason why the crêpes to-go have had such a success with the back to school season is that they are the perfect afternoon snack. After a long day of homeschooling (or actual school if they went to school), the best way to get a boost of energy is to grab a crêpe and enjoy it in the sun.

In addition of being the best choice of afternoon snack they are also made with simple ingredients. To give you a quick idea, bakerly has a list of “no no ingredientsand takes pride in being free from artificial colors, flavors and of course, high fructose corn syrup.

Now that you know they’re tasty and better for you than other snacks, head on over to our store and grab yourself a few packs just to be able to say: “I got my crêpes to-go for my afternoon snack.” Follow this link to see the variety of crêpes to-go.

living with chocolate croissants in the house

After reading about crêpes to-go and French pancakes to-go what is there left to read? You’re probably already planning your back to school snacks by now. Don’t plan everything yet as there is one left. They’re a taste of the local French bakery. They’re made with butter and love, and most importantly of all, chocolate. bakerly’s chocolate croissants have reached a peak of delicacies in the world of French goodies. Inspired from the real deal, bakerly has brought this pain au chocolat French specialty to the USA and of course, to your lunchboxes. If you ask us, they are interchangeable with the French pancakes to-go. Essentially you would eat them during the morning snack. Just like a French pancake to-go, it is made to be enjoyed while the morning is still fresh.

Considering most of the parents out there are probably going to be homeschooling while working themselves, it’s best to stock up on as many snacks as possible. 2020 back to school season is open and with it, delicious snacks to fill up your children’s lunchboxes (and yours as well). Whether you’re going back virtually, physically, or a mix of both, it is important that you carefully consider your options for your snacks. bakerly’s French pancakes to-go, crêpes to-go and chocolate croissants are all individually wrapped and here to help you through 2020 back to school season. To all the parents, children and, taste buds waiting for school to start again, we encourage you to enjoy tasty snacks and stay safe.

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