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the love story of burgers & shakes

the love story of burgers & shakes

Since the beginning of time there has only been one true love story in America. They have always been there for each other no matter the weather. You may recall the time when the fast food trend of eating burgers started, there was only but one drink to have with it, a shake! Yes, you are correct, the true love story of America is indeed burgers and shakes. As a true brioche lover, you may see where this is going… This is the story of how brioche burger buns and shakes fell in love.

how it all started…

It was a time in the past. More precisely, it was the middle of summer, somewhere in July. The date is fuzzy since the discovery of this beautiful combo was decades ago. A person (who is still alive today, let’s call him Professor Burger) was preparing the tastiest of all burgers. If our memory is good, it was very similar to the classic burger recipe we made a while ago: “a classic brioche burger for a classic brioche lover” This recipe has turned a lot of heads, yet it was not the original recipe that Professor Burger was working on. His recipe was indeed with brioche burger bread like the delicious French brioche burger buns we make, but in addition to the taste of the burger, he was looking for a sweeter result. He always had a sweet tooth. His research has led to the beautiful discovery of a special combo that is burgers and shakes.

professor burger and his research

Our beloved professor with a master’s degree in brioche history has a habit of trying out new things. You could say he is very adventurous with his palette. To honor this Indiana Jones of our brioche world, we tried out his idea, but we added a twist. Instead of putting the egg on top of the brioche burger bun like he did, we put the eggs in between. Let us tell you, this was an epic breakfast brioche burger sandwich. Even though this recipe is not made with a juicy patty, he stills considers it a burger recipe and so do we!

Like we mentioned before, Professor burger always had a sweet tooth while eating burgers. He tried different combinations of burgers and juices, burgers and fruits, burgers with water and (even though we don’t understand this one) one where he really went all out with his creativity and tried serving himself a milkshake while eating his burger. Crazy right?! Well, guess which one stayed and forever changed our lives and the way we eat burgers?

burgers and shakes!

After making this discovery he made an official announcement and proclaimed that it was the way to go if you wanted to properly enjoy your homemade burger made with brioche burger buns. However, there are so many flavors of shakes that it can be difficult to choose.

Professor Burger’s sweet tooth always led him back to chocolate shakes, but in multiple of his research experiments, he does mention that more than one flavor is possible when eating your juicy burger. Among those that he tried you have (of course) the classic cookies and cream, but also, vanilla, banana, or more innovative “homemade” types like the salted caramel-pretzel milkshake (we’ve never tried this one, but it sure is on our list). The point we’re trying to make here is that if your taste buds are happy, it doesn’t matter what shake you drink with your burger, as long as it’s a shake!

how to properly enjoy your burger & shake?

The first thing you need to know when it comes to burgers and shakes is that nobody jokes about it. This tradition has reached the level of a sacred tradition. One that no one breaks nor insults. After so many decades of it being present in our lives, there is even a code that has evolved from it. Kind of like the “Bro Code” that you joke about in high school, except this code is far more powerful. This is a binding code, one where you enter into a contract with the burger and the shake. One cannot go without the other. Remember, they have always been there for each other and when you eat one, you have to drink the other.

The best way to enjoy your burger and shake (in our opinion) is to make a classic cheeseburger with bakerly’s tasty brioche burger buns and have it with a chocolatey shake that will revive your taste buds! We’re right into the footsteps of Professor Burger. The day he discovered the deliciousness of the shake was with a chocolate shake and a classic cheeseburger. By combining these two tasty recipes, you will be able to fully enjoy the power of the burgers and shakes tradition.

Let us know what you made we’re curious! Tag our Instagram account @bakerlyusa.


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