a French indoor picnic the bakerly way

a French indoor picnic the bakerly way | bakerly

You may have noticed that your daily habits are slowly changing. At least we have. We noticed that our taste buds have been constantly happy over the last few months. COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in everyone’s lives and mostly in our eating habits. Luckily, as always, bakerly has found a way to remedy this change! Have you ever heard of a French indoor picnic? Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of those. The idea behind it is to have a picnic in your living room. It’s a really fun activity to do with your family!

There are various ways to go about preparing your French indoor picnic and most of the time, there are bread, cheese, and some tasty dessert or snack. When it comes to the bread, desserts, and snacks, we have just the right amount of French tastiness to serve your taste buds. Not only do we have the most buttery French brioche bread, but we also have the perfect chocolatey desert and tasty snack. Here’s how to make a French indoor picnic the bakerly way:

Cheese for everyone

The first step in this delicious process is to actually prepare a tasty cheese platter. Grab a few kinds of cheese from your local grocery store and assemble them nicely on a nice platter. Today we decided to use brie, emmental, and manchego cheese, since their savory taste brings out the delicacy that is the soft brioche baguette. Have you ever tried the soft brioche baguette fresh out of the bag? If you haven’t, now is the time! Click this link here to grab yourself a few packs for the next French indoor picnic you have with your family.

In addition to delicious soft brioche baguette, you can also have some buttery brioche rolls to go with your cheese and other tasty ingredients. They make for the perfect combination if you have them as a ham and cheese sandwich. We did that once and it tasted amazing! They are easy to eat and taste delicious!

Desert is key!

Yes, we know what you’re going to say…we have a sweet tooth. In our defense, it’s very hard not to when you are faced with such a chocolatey option. Plus, dessert is extremely important, and some people will tell you that it’s sometimes the most important dish of a meal. In this case, we’re talking about bakerly’s delicious chocolate croissants. Have you ever had them? When they are fresh, they melt in your mouth and the mix of chocolate and butter starts to blend off your taste buds. Now that you’re drooling all over your screen, maybe it’s time you get yourself a few packs for next Saturday’s picnic no? By clicking on this link here, it will take you straight to the tasty chocolate croissants’ page. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below. Most importantly, what does your family think of these chocolatey desserts.

Smart snacking is life

As you may have guessed it, the perfect French indoor picnic cannot be without smart snacks. If you read our article “what does smart snacking mean for bakerly?” you know that our tasty crêpes to-go are the perfect on-the-go smart snack to have. However, here you’re not on-the-go, but more in-the-living-room. They can still be the great plus to your amazing indoor French picnic. When it comes to a picnic, whether it be indoors or outdoors, it’s always a good idea to have some tasty to-go snacks like bakerly crêpes to-go. If you haven’t tried them yet (we’re sure you have though), it’s time to head over to our delicious product page and order yourself a few packs. Click this link here to order some crêpe tastiness and receive it right on your front porch!

Taste buds satisfied: check!

Now that you’ve gathered all you need to make a French indoor picnic the bakerly way, it’s time to actually enjoooy it. We very excited to see what you think of our set up and we would love to see yours. Share with us your French indoor picnics and we’ll repost a few in our IG story. All you need to do is tag @bakerlyusa

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