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a tasty bakerly pancake platter | bakerly

As you may have guessed it based on the title, this article is not like any other article. This article is about our tasty French pancakes to-go. Yes, you read properly, an article ONLY on pancakes! Isn’t that amazing? We have to warn you though, it will be tasty with a hint of sweetness. To put you in context, we thought it might be good to first start from the beginning.

Why a pancake platter?

Everybody reading this article has probably served or been served a cheese platter before. In the last few months of 2019, a trend emerged; the idea was to serve your guests their desserts on a big wooden board in order to make it look abundant and very appealing. They called it the Pavlova Grazing boards. The idea here was to avoid serving multiple dessert plates and just bring a whole “sharing board” to the table with a taste for everybody. This trend was such a success that someone (who shall remain anonymous for privacy reasons) had the idea of making it better. Why not make a sharing platter, but for brunch? Of course, all the pancake aficionados were down for this delicious idea; and so, the now famous pancake platter is being served everywhere.

What is a French pancake platter?

Glad you asked! The pancake platter is a beautiful invention; however, even though it’s beautiful, we did find a way to make it even better. We decided it was best to use the French pancakes to-go for this experiment. bakerly’s French pancakes to-go are the perfect middle between crêpes and pancakes. In the article “what is a French pancake?” we mentioned why the French pancake and the crêpe are not the same. It has been established since the beginning of time, that bakerly’s French pancakes to-go have a hint of sweetness with a cakey texture that melts in your mouth, which in the end makes them amazingly delicious!

So, what is it exactly? Easy, the French pancake platter is a large wooden board covered with everything you need to make the perfect brunch and impress all your friends. As mentioned earlier, the idea of the board is to share with the people around the table. On it, you will find various fruits, different spreads, some sweet condiments like sprinkles or chocolate chips, maybe some bacon (only if it’s to your liking) and of course, the most important of all, French pancakes to-go! At least on ours, it’s French pancakes to-go.

What to put on a French pancake platter?

Here’s the deal, when you make a French pancake platter, you want it to be delicious and filling. Lucky for us, our French pancakes to-go were able to tick these two options aforementioned, they’re delicious and filling! When it comes to the healthy part, that’s where you carefully select the fruits to go with it. Considering this platter is for brunch, we thought that orange slices should have their place on the board, they’re full of vitamin C to start the day properly. In addition, we also threw in a few slices of kiwi, as it is a great source of vitamins as well. To complement the blast of energy, we added some bananas and apples; they are respectively great for potassium and freshness. The last two fruits we put on there are strawberries and grapes. They are there to give the platter a pop of color.

Now, let’s move on to spreads and sweet condiments. Maple syrup is a definite yes! When you have pancakes, it doesn’t matter what type of pancake or where you have it, but you need maple syrup (and a good one). The second spread is yet another great addition to your French pancake platter. Let’s say it wouldn’t be complete without it. According to one pancake expert (who’s name shall remain private), chocolate spread is essential when creating a French pancake platter. The last spread (even though it’s not really a spread) is plain yogurt. Having a spoon of yogurt for brunch, is something quite refreshing that is not common in every culture. Try it with a piece of pancake and tell us what you think; we would love to hear your opinions. While you’re at it, you should definitely share your French pancake platters with us. Use the hashtag #bakerlyfrenchpancakeplatter and tag us in the picture. You may get the chance to be featured on our feed! Last but not least, the sweet condiments: chocolate chips. For some reason, they just make everything better. Tell you what, add a spoon of that plain yogurt onto your French pancake to-go, sprinkle some chocolate chips and you should have an amazing brunch right there!

This is delicious!

Do you have everything? It’s now time to make that beautiful platter and impress your friends and family the next time you have them over for brunch. Let us know how they liked it and don’t forget to share your beautiful ideas. Use #bakerlyfrenchpancakeplatter and tag us in the picture. You may get the chance to be featured on our page!

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