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what is a French pancake?

what is a French pancake?

Is it a pancake, a crêpe, or both?

Most of you already know that pancakes are very similar to crêpes, but don’t go thinking that it’s the same type of “treat”. Now, what does it mean when we talk about French pancakes?

For starters, some of you may say that a French pancake is a crêpe but not at all. In the great tales of Captain Baker, it is said that the French pancake is actually a mix from the sweetness of crêpes and the cakey texture of pancakes (a wise man would say it’s the best of both worlds). The way bakerly changed the recipe of Captain Baker is by making the French pancakes to go! It’s a revolutionary type of pancake; it’s delicious, it’s ready-made and ready to go! (Thank you Captain Baker!)

After establishing that pancakes are part of the crêpe family and have a lookalike recipe, now you may ask yourself: “what is the difference between a French pancake and a crêpe?

Well say no more, here’s your answer. The French pancakes are the perfect combination between crêpes and pancakes. They have the leavening agent and they come with a hint of sweetness already included. It’s the perfect packaged deal, ready-made pancakes! Wherever you go, you can bring them with you and they’re as tasty as crêpes that are right off the biligs (crêpe makers). But you should keep in mind when comparing the two, that crêpes are usually larger in diameter and rolled or folded with a filling, whereas pancakes, however, are usually cooked with the filling (most of the time it’s blueberries or maple syrup). In the case of the French pancake to go, the filling would be its delicate sweetness.

How to make the perfect French pancakes you ask?

These French pancakes are delicately sweetened and cakey, but not to worry you can still dip them in maple syrup and they will still be delicious! So how do you make the perfect French pancake?
Here are the tips to get the best results possible. First off, for the skillet users out there, let them heat up evenly! Prepare your batter while it heats up, and if you’re not sure if it’s hot enough, flick some water to see if it drizzles off.
Pouring the batter onto the pan becomes an art. It’s all about precision. To get the perfect shape you can use a measuring cup (depending on the size you want your pancakes to be), but between us, Captain Baker never used one, he was always judging by the eye, and more specifically his taste buds. To help shape the pancake, pour the batter in a slow circular movement onto the heated surface.
The secret? Don’t rush your pancakes! Let the first side get evenly goldish/brown. When bubbles start popping on the uncooked side it means you can flip!
Now the flip is the critical part if you ask us. It’s the trickiest part of creating the perfect French pancake. Slide your spatula all the way underneath the pancake and use your wrist to flip (not your whole arm, that’s how the pancake ends up stuck on the ceiling haha, it’s a true story). That’s what makes the difference!

bakerly & the invention of the French pancakes to go!

Most of you have probably already tasted our soon to be, world famous French pancakes to go. But here’s the short story behind the new ready-made pancake.
Do you remember the hunt for Captain Baker? Well, when we finally found his lost ship, we also found his world-famous pancake recipe that was sitting in a closed glass bottle and luckily survived the sinking. This legendary recipe was known by all sailors of the time as the best on the go breakfast to have! Captain Baker used to make this recipe to his crew every morning while they sailed the oceans of the world. He used to be so good, that when his French pancakes were ready to eat, no toppings were needed. They had the perfect amount of sweetness to go along the soft and cakey texture.

Thanks to the technological advances between then and now, we were able to recreate this delicious on the go breakfast, that is the French pancake to go. We’re going to be honest with you, it was very difficult to recreate, but after months and days of creation and recreation, we were finally able to bake the perfect French pancake to go!

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