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the big reveal!

the big reveal!

Today is the day! The day when you finally get to know what our bakers have been up to for these past few months or so. Keep in mind that this article follows the enigma that we wrote for you earlier. You can read it by following this link.
It’s here! It’s here! This new product will change your routine in the most positive way you can think of. Even your trip to space will never be the same!

Breakfast Clock

Do you remember that Monday morning when you were in a rush and your kid didn’t have breakfast? He also went to school missing a shoe because no one ever found it? Turns out the dog ate it (it’s not brioche but hey, it’s chewy and it smells, lucky dog). Well, today is the day we make all of your future mornings a million times easier! We’re very excited for this new launch, but you have to read the rest of the missions to find out what it is!

Star Break

Back in the day, not too long ago actually, a few months ago, you were asked to go into space. (Yes, you thought we forgot, but nope you’re still going up there...) You were supposed to go have a look at a newly discovered planet in our solar system. This ten year exploration is going to be extremely difficult and tough. You will be very far and very hungry! This new product will be the summum of snacks. You will be able to fit it in your bag with no problem; and if it doesn’t fit, then just store it in your stomach! Now that you have your “necessary equipment”, have a safe journey in space and keep your taste buds in shape!

On the Go Explorer

Now, remember that road trip? You had been on the road for 30 minutes, and the kids were already a nightmare. Well kids, you have arrived and without empty stomachs! Lucky you that your parents had the newest product on the shelf at home. The trip was so much smoother and the car so much cleaner! No crumbs, no stains, the perfect on the go snack for a road trip!

The Hunt for Captain Baker

Did you find the lost ship of captain baker? The legendary international brioche maker who traveled the world with his recipes! His specialty is back on the table. The taste is as good as the legend says it is! Our bakers have once again outdone themselves and brought back another famous recipe to life! Today you will be able to taste the breakfast of the legendary baker who sailed the dangerous oceans of our lovely blue planet!
Are you ready? Drum roll please! The new ready to eat, ready to go bakerly product is…



What are the French pancakes to go?

It is THE newest innovation on the US food market!
The first shelf-stable pancake ready to go! What else could you ask? It will always be there for you when you need it the most! It will be there even on your longest trip in space as it is made for adventures. Most importantly, you can have it plain and it will still taste amazingly good, isn't that awesome? Yes, of course it is! No need to add maple syrup as the plain taste will suffice your tastebuds and make you crave more!
Oh, and another point, did we mention it was the first French pancakes to go in the US?! We're so excited for you to try it.

Why are they called French pancakes to go?

It's very simple. These pancakes are called French pancakes because they are actually made in France. Since they are made in France, we are using the authentic French recipe. The difference between the two recipes (the regular recipe & the French recipe) is that the French pancakes to go are fluffier and with a hint of sweetness, which is delicious for your taste buds! On top of that, we use real eggs and milk which is what gives them the soft cakey texture!
If you want to try it now, there’s a limited time offer! Get 15% off your first order with promo code: 15OFFPANCAKES by heading over to the product page. Isn’t that amazing?! In a hurry? Below you can select your quantities and checkout. Just make sure to enter the discount code.  Let us know how you like them in the comments. Enjoooy!
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