3 easy steps to the perfect Father's Day DIY gift

3 easy steps to the perfect Father's Day DIY gift | bakerly

Father’s Day is coming up soon (Sunday June 21st to be precise), and we know just how to treat him for his special day! We know it’s a bit early to be talking about this beautiful day, but you absolutely need to know about this tasty DIY. Memorial Day marked the start of our most favorite season of all: grilling season! Considering that Father’s Day is in the middle of it, bakerly has come up with what appears to be the most appropriate DIY gift for your dad. The most amazing part of this DIY gift is that your dad will be able to wake up to the smell of his favorite homemade French brioche meal. The simplest gestures are often the ones that mean the most, and your dear daddy will definitely be touched when he sees this Father’s Day feast you've put together to celebrate his day. He will be smiling with every bite! Here are three easy steps you need to have in mind to celebrate the perfect Father’s Day.

step 1: ordering the tastiness

This first step probably speaks for itself, but what do you order exactly and where do you order it?

Knowing that Father’s Day is about celebrating fathers and that everybody is probably going to be in the garden around the grill, we thought that the best brioche bread would be brioche that you can eat with barbecue goodness. However, it all depends on what your dad prefers. Is he more of a hot dog or hamburger person? Only you can know that, so your order depends on it. When you figure it out, you can get yourself either some tasty brioche burger buns or brioche hot dog buns, we have them both! However, it’s not all; there’s a new brioche on the block and it’s perfect for appetizers or even just as a tear and share. By now you probably guessed it: the brioche dinner rolls! They’re perfect for a hot sunny day filled with joy.

Now that you have your brioche bread, it’s time to move on to step 2, which is actually the most challenging part of this Father’s Day DIY gift.

step 2: preparing the grill

It’s Father’s Day, which means that it’s the only day when dad is allowed to sit around the house and do absolutely nothing for the day, which means you’re going to have to “man the grill”. Hopefully, when you asked whether dad is a hamburger or hot dog person, he mentioned his craving. If he didn’t it’s ok, everything is under control. Over the years, bakerly has come up with some tasty recipes for a day as such. Lucky for you we recently came up with the French hot dog!

When it comes to the brioche dinner rolls, we have a couple of recommendations for your taste buds. The first one is not made for the grill, but it is made to cheer up his taste buds. The Foreign Fork calls it the egg in a hole bake with brioche dinner rolls! We do recommend this one for breakfast or brunch as it is very delicious. The second one is probably the most delicate recipe when it comes to these dinner rolls. It is most likely doable with a barbecue, but if it’s not, the recipe is definitely worth it, trust us. We call it the shrimp po boy on tasty dinner rolls. The name speaks for itself, but we’ll let you be the judge. Oh! And let us know what your father thinks of course.

If you feel like your father would prefer a different recipe feel free to share it with us for a chance to be featured on our page! All you have to do is use the hashtag #bakerlyfathersdayrecipes and tag our account @bakerlyusa. Good luck!

Now that you have your recipe in head, there’s one last step to do.

step 3: happy Father’s Day!

The third step is probably the most important of all. You’ve ordered your French brioche bread, you’ve selected the recipe you’re going to make, now all you have left to do is write a loving letter to your dearest dad. A letter that will make him realize that even though (in some cases) he may not be as reachable as mom, you love him just as much and you wish him the best Father’s Day a dad could wish for. In addition to this lovely letter, we definitely recommend setting up a nice table to go with your delicious meal. Dressing up the table will make the day that much more important to him.

There you have it! The three easy steps to the perfect Father’s Day DIY gift. Keep in mind that this is a family moment to celebrate dad and what better way is there than to celebrate by eating food. Thanks to bakerly, not only do you get to elevate your burger or hot dog with French brioche bread, but you also get to rediscover your taste buds!

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