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top 3 bakerly recipes for national hamburger day

top 3 bakerly recipes for national hamburger day

Hello brioche lovers! bakerly is back with yet some more amazing news for all of you foodies out there. Most of you are definitely aware that national hamburger day is right around the corner (May 28th), and with it comes the start of a tasty grilling season as well! For this reason, we decided to compel a list of our top 3 favorite brioche burger recipes for the pleasure of your taste buds. Over the years we’ve found some amazing recipes that we elevated thanks to the French brioche burger buns and we are finally ready to share them with you.

a timeless classic…

Let’s start easy and simple. The first one on the list is made for the classic brioche lover. It’s a recipe that will forever remain timeless: the classic brioche burger.

What is better than a classic brioche burger for national hamburger day? We created this recipe to give your taste buds another look at a timeless classic. This one is made with a juicy angus beef patty some tomatoes and lettuce, aged cheddar cheese and of course crispy bacon! Not to forget, the amazing taste of brioche bread that brings the whole together for an even better experience! If you try the classic brioche burger on May 28th for your national hamburger day barbecue post a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #bakerlyburgerrecipes for a chance to be featured on our page!

Wait! It’s not over, this was just a preview. We have two more recipes for you that will blow your taste buds away!

veggie fever!

The next one on the list is for veggie brioche lovers! Although it is not an actual veggie certified recipe, it is a lighter option for your tasty lunch. This alternative to the classic brioche burger is simply delicious once it’s ready to eat. We called it the shiitake-bean veggie burger. For those of you unfamiliar with shiitake mushrooms, they have a very delicate and subtle taste. If you can’t find any shiitake near you, any type of mushroom will do. It can be portobello, or cremini or any other really. The patty is made by mixing the mushrooms with a bean puree which makes it resemble a regular beef patty but is not as heavy to digest.

This is the latest and best homemade veggie burger you will ever taste! As mentioned earlier, the patty is made entirely from scratch (with beans, shiitake mushrooms and plenty of other healthy good things) and goes so well with the tasty brioche burger bun! On the side you can even make a small portion of sautéed potatoes which complements the fresh tomato and arugula in between the brioche bread!

But that’s not all; here’s the last one and probably the most uncommon of all!

a burger for breakfast?


Yes, you read correctly. We made a burger for breakfast. Or potentially for brunch? Either way, this brioche burger is bound to be an excellent way to start your day. This one is special. It doesn’t have a patty. Some of you might ask: “can we even call it a burger?” Well, that’s for you to decide. Here’s the recipe to the best breakfast brioche burger sandwich:

breakfast brioche burger sandwich

The story behind this experiment of a recipe is that we tried the classic breakfast sandwich but thought, let's put it on a brioche burger bun and use grated mozzarella instead of cheese sauce. Turns out our taste buds were delighted of this discovery! We definitely recommend it for yours and especially for your national hamburger day breakfast. It's very easy to make and takes close to no time to assemble! With a side of fruits, it just makes it fresh, light, and delicious.

There you have it brioche lovers, bakerly’s top 3 recipes for national hamburger day! Post your burger pictures on Instagram and use the hashtag #bakerlyburgerrecipes for a chance to be featured on our page. Have an amazing burger day and happy baking!

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