3 homemade gift ideas for a very special mother

3 homemade gift ideas for a very special mother | bakerly

As we all know, a very special day is right around the corner. Once a year (this year on May 10th), everyone gets to celebrate one of the two people they love the most, their mothers! Since this day is one of the few very important days during the year, it is necessary to celebrate it the proper way. This year you will have to make do with what you have at home and what you can get delivered. Lucky you, that’s fairly doable nowadays; almost every imaginable product can be delivered right to your doorstep. One thing that’s for sure is that bakerly delivers to your door if you order online. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So, what can you do to make your mother’s day very special

The first thing that comes to mind is to give her all the love imaginable. That may sound obvious but wait for the rest of the explanation. The idea here is to make your mom feel loved, and what says love more than homemade gifts? Here are three amazing homemade presents you can gift to your mom on her special day

start her day with a surprise brunch 

Most mothers out there have a special connection with brunch, especially when it’s homemade. If you have never prepared a brunch for your mom before, here’s how it goes. There are a few things you will need to order ahead of time, so you have them the day of. That’s where bakerly comes in to help you out. For this special brunch, on this special day that is Mother’s Day, we’re talking about buttery brioche bread and French pancakes to-go. There are multiple delicious recipes you can make with bakerly’s brioche bread, but for brunch, the best ones are probably the pear almond French sliced brioche toasts or the breakfast brioche burger sandwich. These two recipes really bring out the taste of brioche bread, but they are definitely not the only two you can make! In our opinion, the “must haves” for brunch are a glass of orange juice (or whatever juice she prefers), a “main dish” (which would be one the recipes with bakerly deliciousness, in this case sliced brioche and brioche burger buns), a side of 2-3 pancakes with maple syrup (the French pancakes to-go are perfect for the job) and a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits. However, brunch preparation is not done…

a present that says it all

With the tasty brunch that you’ve prepared for your special mommy, you absolutely need to get her a little something. We recommend writing her a letter. A nice, warm, heartfelt letter that says it all. Take out your best quill and finest calligraphy paper and write your dear mother a letter that will bring her joy and happiness. Keep in mind that even though you are going to serve her delicious and buttery brioche bread with French pancakes to-go on the side, it is still important to let her know how you feel. However, that’s not all… 

beautiful flowers are always welcomed 


So far, you’re the one getting all the points! You prepared brunch for your mother’s special day, you wrote her a letter with your finest quill and now, the cherry to top it all off, flowers! Somewhere online you should be able to find a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers and if you forgot what they are, which happens often, you can always ask your dear dad. The idea here, is not to take her attention away from the brunch made with love, French pancakes to-go and buttery brioche, not at all. The idea here is to complement the (already amazing) brunch that you have prepared. If by any horrible chance you can’t get your hands on her favorite bouquet of flowers, then we have a plan b for you; there is always the option of getting her a delicious bouquet of strawberry crêpes to-go, it probably won’t be as beautiful as a real bouquet of flowers, but it will for sure satisfy your mommy’s taste buds!

a nice surprise

This is the final step for your very special mother. To make her morning even more amazing, you need to bring the brunch to her, in bed. On a tray, you need to fit the delicious bakerly recipe that you prepared, the letter that you wrote and of course, the flowers. Knock on her door Sunday morning and say: “happy Mother’s Day!”

There you have it brioche lovers, your dear mommy will be the happiest and your mission will have been a success! Now go enjoy the rest of those French pancakes to-go that you left on the counter before your dad eats them… 

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