the 3 best snacks to enjoy at home

the 3 best snacks to enjoy at home | bakerly

As you may have guessed it, we’re on quarantine here too… Today’s article is here as a comforter if you will. Schools and offices around town have been taking precautionary measures and everyone is home. So, in times like these, you have to be wondering what are some good snacks to have in your kitchen when you’re home all day. Well, for all the mothers and fathers out there who are now homeschooling their children, it might not be as simple as it seems… Here’s how we see it; each activity at home deserves a reward, and each reward is a tasty snack from bakerly!


a difficult math problem…and a delicious solution

The first yummy snack we recommend having in your kitchen is the (soon to be famous) crêpes to-go. This snack is perfect for any break during the day! Especially when 4 PM hits the clock, you better have a delicious snack ready for your taste buds or else you won’t last until the end of the day…and neither will your children. After a long day, the last two hours are always the longest and we’re here to tell you there’s a way to cope with your cranky taste buds. Remember when your child came up to you with a (more than complicated) math problem? According to the teacher, it was “homework”, however, according to you, it was “way too much work”. Well after helping your kid solve the problem you both were kind of woozy from all that thinking…that’s when the crêpes to-go come in!


Lucky for you, even though times are difficult right now, the entire bakerly team and especially our super bakers in Easton, PA, the ones behind all the deliciousness, are still doing everything they can to supply you with tastiness. What’s even better is that for you, these crêpes to-go come in different flavors. As of today, our favorite filling flavors are chocolate hazelnut and strawberry. Each of these flavors has a specific purpose for your taste buds, and it’s different for everyone. Head over to the product page by clicking here and find out for yourself what your taste buds think of our crêpes to-go flavors.


a fancy school day breakfast

After days of already being homeschooled, this is THE solution to elevate your breakfast routine for you and your family. Make #pancaketuesday an actual thing, and when you do, make sure to tag us on Instagram @bakerlyusa so we can see how creative your mornings are getting. It even turns out that your children's’ art class is also on Tuesday. What about some painting today? After snapping a picture of your stay-at-home breakfast, have your children use it to their advantage for their painting lesson!


Your guess is right, our French pancakes to go are here to make your pancake Tuesday even better. Since you’re safe at home, they’re the perfect morale booster you need on a weekday morning and trust us, your kids will be excited to have pancakes for breakfast on a school day, they will make their day that much better! 


So, what is it that makes the French pancakes to go so amazing? They are the perfect combination between crêpes and pancakes and come with a hint of sweetness already included! It’s the ideal packaged deal, ready-made pancakes!

All these scenarios are only suggestions for your next snacking experience. However, we would love to know how you prefer to eat your snacks, so comment down below your best bakerly moment!

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