Bakerly's Philosophy
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it’s quite simple – so simple in fact that you see and feel it the very moment you step into bakerly’s Miami office.

The street-art graffiti and joyful lettering is practically screaming: “Companies don’t succeed, People do!”. We wouldn’t put it on the walls if we didn’t embody this very motto. It is, and has always been, the philosophy behind Julien’s and Fabian’s way of envisioning their mission.

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"We believe the best way to be successful is to work hard and to balance it with playing hard – and we’re proud of the environment we’ve created to support this belief..."

Our happy, calm, people-centered atmosphere inspires everything we create. You can feel it as well when you visit our brand new, state-of-the-art factory (which we affectionately call “The Barn”) in Easton, PA.

Since the very beginning of our adventure, hiring talented and motivated individuals who respond to our inviting and friendly environment has been our top priority.

here are a few things we do to break up long work days that make Silicon Valley and tech companies look like a snooze fest:

Bakerly Fooosball Tournament
Bakerly cook of the month
Bakerly dart games
Bakerly impossible puzzles
Bakerly simple ingredients

It’s pretty easy to make tasty products with low quality or “bad” ingredients. Sadly, many other companies do it all the time. But at bakerly, our idea of a good product is one that is high in quality and with the best ingredients available.


Everything we make has real “Savoir Faire” or French know-how. When you get the right people in the room who know their stuff, magic happens!

Since the very beginning of Bakerly, Julien and Fabian have always known that they would never use any preservatives, artificial flavoring, or high fructose corn syrup in their products.

This is because they didn’t want to make or sell products that they wouldn’t give to their own children.

This is the thinking behind the “No-No List”, created to define the list of ingredients that we’d never (ever!) use in any recipe. And this list has more than 140 forbidden ingredients! Yes 140! We know, it’s a lot!

Bakerly line of products


We at bakerly know that we have just one chance to get it right. So we concentrate all our efforts into putting love and using quality ingredients in every product we make. By doing this we are building trust and gaining loyal customers, one crepe or brioche at a time!

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And it looks like our efforts are paying off… we have been growing double or even triple digit for the past 3 years!

But you would better understand what we’re talking about if you spend just 1 week in our Miami office or even 1 day in “The Barn”! Here you’ll witness countless discussions about crepes and brioches, chocolate quality, dough types, and new and innovative product ideas. Here we taste, chat, analyze nutritional and ingredients, and did we mention TASTE!?

With new products constantly coming in, someone has to ensure they’re always yummy! (In case you’re wondering, it’s never difficult to get volunteers for weekly tastings…)

Now that you know about our philosophy, it’s time to read about our honest origins!