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3 tasty on the go snacks for an amazing vacation!

3 tasty on the go snacks for an amazing vacation!

Hello again brioche lover! bakerly just came up with another great article for your taste buds. As you may know, the month of March is approaching very fast and with it, the most awaited week of the year (that is the school year of course, because the civil year has just started haha). You guessed it; it’s going to be Spring Break soon! So, it’s time to pack your bags with some tasty snacks to go and get ready for that awesome trip that you’ve been planning with your friends (or family) since forever.

Spring Break!

This year, for Spring Break, you all decided to go to the beach. Now, for those of you who don’t have the beach as their back yard (yeah we’re pretty lucky), it can be a pretty long journey from where you live to the white sandy beaches of the coast. Most of the time your friends want to make a road trip out of it. It’s been a ritual for your group of friends to rent a car and drive miles and miles to reach the beautiful beach where the sun shines year-round.

However, you’re worried, and we understand that worry…not having any inspiration for smart snacks during the trip is a bother that is totally legit. As always, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be anxious of not munching on anything for the 12 hours you’ll be on the road for (or however long it takes you from where you are to the sandy beaches). bakerly has got your back and with it some delicious smart snacks to eat on the go during your road trip.

The first snack is the tasty crêpe to go

crepesWhy is this snack to go so special? That’s an easy question! The crêpes to go have been around since the start of bakerly and they’ve been filled with deliciousness from the beginning. It first started off with chocolate hazelnut and strawberry filling. Since then, the crêpes to go have evolved into something that brings even more joy to your taste buds; crunchy caramel and chocolate filling! Those crunchy cereal puffs covered in chocolate and mixed with the filling are simply delicious! Unfortunately, if you buy those for your Spring Break road trip, you’ll have to stop every 10 minutes to buy more. They’re so good that the pack won’t last more than 5 minutes in the car.

Why are they great for a road trip? Another easy question, thanks! When you’re in the car, whether alone or with friends, you need to have easy on the go snacks that you can munch on without feeling guilty. Yes, an apple is amazing, but can you really compare an apple with a tasty crêpe to go filled with delicious chocolate hazelnut filling? In any case, having a crêpe to go while on the road is the least messy option. The fact that they are individually wrapped makes the trip so much cleaner! Let’s say you’re four in the car, you each buy two packs of each flavor and you have 48 crêpes. 48 crêpes! That’s 48 crêpes! Anyway, try them out, and let us know your thoughts on these tasty on the go smart snacks (and if you’re wondering why we call them smart snacks, you can refer to this article, it will explain everything you need to know).

The second snack is the French pancake to go

pancakesMore commonly known to your taste buds as the tastiest pancakes ever tasted. Since these French pancakes to go were released, lives have changed for the better! From personal experience, there are never enough French pancakes to go. They have this amazing cakey texture and hint of sweetness that bring your taste buds to life as soon as you take the first bite. For the longest time you have been waiting for them, and now that they exist, you really won’t be able to get enough.

Here’s why they’re another great snack for an on the go adventure. When you travel, whether it be by car, by plane, by boat, or by spaceship, you absolutely need an easy to eat snack that will bring you back the smiling power and make the trip shorter. Your solution is right here. Make the Spring Break road trip shorter by munching on individually wrapped French pancakes to go.

The third snack is the chocolate croissant

chocolate croissantsOk, fine, it’s not a “snack” per say, but it’s individually wrapped, it’s delicious, and it has chocolate. Honestly, sounds pretty much like a snack to us. The chocolate croissants are a particular kind of “snack”. They are more the homey kind of snack. The one you have when you come back from a long day at work/school or the one you take with your herbal tea before going to bed. However, if your taste buds are in the mood for a road trip with chocolate croissants by all means, let us know how it was and if your friends liked them.

To sum up, we have three delicious snacks to go for you!

The first being our tasty crêpes to go that you can have anywhere and anytime. The second is of course the one and only French pancake to go! The third snack is not the most popular one, but it is the most savory one on the list; the chocolate croissants. Now that we basically made your shopping list for your on the go Spring Break adventure, head over to our online shop and order yourself a whole bunch of goodies for the road. You won’t be disappointed! Drive safe!

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