5 steps to make the perfect Easter basket

5 steps to make the perfect Easter basket | bakerly

tis’ the season for chocolate…

Winter is almost over; you know what that means. Easter is right around the corner! This article is for all of you wonderful mommies out there that will talk about Easter bunnies or (for the French out there) Easter bells and make it happen. We can’t wait to see those wonderful smiles this holiday will bring to your kids! For this, you’re going to need the perfect Easter basket. Not to worry, bakerly has your back! So, here’s what we’re thinking, chocolate filled crêpes, brioche, and more chocolate. Sounds about right no?

steps to achieve the perfect Easter basket

Easter is on Sunday April 12 this year. That’s when your garden will become a real treasure hunt. Kids always love a good treasure hunt with a tasty reward at the end. Now, here’s a list of 5 steps to get the perfect Easter basket:

1- The first step is to come up with a really good treasure hunt. If it were us, we would make them go all around the house, upstairs, downstairs, outside, etc… The goal here is for your kids to run around a bit, so they can really enjoy this basket. We suggest making them find objects throughout the house that have a meaning related to the perfect Easter basket.

2- The second step on this list is actually buying everything you need to prepare this delicious and tasty Easter basket. This where bakerly comes in! To make the perfect Easter basket, to start off, we recommend using A LOT of chocolate hazelnut crêpes to go. You need enough to make the circumference of the basket. The next item is French brioche bread. Here’s what we propose. You have three options: either you get some buttery hand braided brioche and get a chocolate spread to go with it; or you get some tasty brioche rolls with chocolate bars; or the last option is to get the chocolate chip brioche rolls. This option is actually the very easy way, because in that one package, you have brioche rolls (which is brioche) and chocolate chips (which is chocolate). Conclusion, if you have the time, go out of your way and buy each individual product, but if you’re rushed (or even if you’re not, and you just want chocolate chip brioche rolls) then get the chocolate chip brioche rolls. This step is not over quite yet. The last item we have on our list of products that go in the perfect Easter basket is chocolate croissants. You can never go wrong with these! They are the “cherry on the cake” type of product. Everything becomes better with chocolate croissants. Plus, they’re individually wrapped for you to bring on your next on the go adventure.

3- The third step is actually to put the basket together. You probably got the gist of it by now after all these years of making Easter baskets for your happy children. First you want to take all the crêpes to go you have and align them vertically around the basket on the edge of it. Then going from the back of the basket to the front, set up your hand braided brioche, your brioche rolls and chocolate chip brioche rolls, and finally, your chocolate croissants. Around all this deliciousness, you can place the chocolate spread of your choice and the chocolate bars. Depending on the age of your kids, personalize the basket with appropriate decorations and other goodies of your choice and once you’re done with that, you can move on to the next step.

4- This fourth step is all about hiding the basket on Easter morning. Make sure it’s not directly in the sun (cause all the chocolate would melt) but make sure it’s in a place the kids will find. To be sure they find it, the day before, you can try out your own treasure hunt by putting yourself in their shoes. If you find it, hooray, it’s ready for Easter day!

5- The fifth and last step on this list (you probably guessed it right), is to spend a beautiful Easter with your children and family, eat a lot of chocolate, cause that’s once a year, and above all, make sure that you wish a Happy Easter to everyone you know! Happy Easter everybody!

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