a day specially for crêpes!

a day specially for crêpes! | bakerly

the famous crêpe day is here!

If there’s one special day we all adore at bakerly it’s the Chandeleur. It’s the day where we all get to eat crêpes at the office. Who wouldn’t like to eat crêpes all day?! Usually to make the day even better, our happy co-founder Fabian brings the biligs and sets up the crêpe station in the middle of the room. This is probably the best part of the Chandeleur. As you may know, Fabian was and still is a very talented crêpe maker and loves sharing his roots from Brittany with the entire team. It’s always so delicious that everybody needs to get seconds!

After all this Chandeleur talk, you may all be wondering what is it with this day that makes it so tasty?

To answer your question here’s a little summary of what this crêpe day is about.
Every year it falls on the 2nd of February. This year it’s on a Sunday and it’s going to be delicious! The name “Chandeleur” comes from very far. It comes from the latin word “candela” which refers to the return of light. (Think that we’re in February and that light is on its way. We’re slowly getting out winter) This light is therefore represented by delicious crêpes! Their round shape looks like a sun and the days are also getting longer so the Chandeleur is actually to celebrate (in some way) the end of winter. For the foodies out there, it’s the day to bring out the biligs and get together around some sweet or salty homemade crêpes!

If you want to celebrate properly this delicious day made of crêpes here’s what you need:

Enough with the talking, let’s get into the real stuff. Why you’re really reading this article. We all know that you want to know what we recommend for you to celebrate the Chandeleur. It’s very easy! Throw a crêpe party with all your friends. All you need to do is order yummy crêpes to go. That’s the part where we can help you! Are you more in the chocolate hazelnut mood or strawberry? You can have a crunchy mood too! That one can either be crunchy chocolate or crunchy caramel. It’s really up to you and what your friends like. Personally we would suggest going with a bit of everything so that the choice is varied, but if you’re all agreeing that chocolate is life, then by all means head over to our delicious website and order yourself a few packs of chocolate hazelnut crêpes to go!



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