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easy & romantic Valentine's Day bakerly treats

easy & romantic Valentine's Day bakerly treats

Instead of dining at a restaurant this Valentine’s Day, especially in the middle of a pandemic, we recommend curling up with a rom-com on Netflix and treating your partner to a romantic brioche-filled dinner for two at home instead. We've got plenty of easy-but-impressive recipes to help because these treats will make any celebration even more special. From smoked salmon appetizers, to pancakes to-go, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Discover our Pinterest-worthy ideas below!

fall in love with brioche

smoked salmon bites on sliced brioche

This is the perfect appetizer for your romantic and sophisticated Valentine’s Day celebration! This tasty recipe will show your loved ones you how much you care with every delicious bite they take.

French salmon burger

Made with fresh salmon, topped with zesty tzatziki and served on buttery brioche burger buns, this recipe is sure to make your mouth water! Try this deliciously different way to escape from the basic-burger.

romantic heart-shaped sandwich

Lunchtime just got a little more lovable with these heart-shaped sliced brioche sandwiches! They are a fun addition to your little one's Valentine's Day lunchbox or perfect for a family picnic! 

 s’mores brioche sliders

At the end of the day, it's all about who you share your desserts with! Looking for a romantic Valentine's day dessert recipe? Well, these s’mores brioche sliders are the best of two worlds! The marshmallow and chocolate middle are perfectly melty and pair amazingly with the super soft and fluffy brioche dinner rolls. It's everything we love about s’mores in an easy to eat and share form.

heart & jelly toast

We have heart eyes for this heart & jelly sliced brioche toast! This easy and tasty toast is sure to spread a smile across your loved ones face.

snacks to swoon over

strawberry crêpes to-go & pancakes to-go

Who says all Valentine's snacks have to be chocolate? This year think outside of the box and surprise your loves ones with a pack of delicious strawberry crêpes to-go and pancakes to-go! They are sure to swoon over them.

heart-shaped pancakes to-go pops

These adorable Cupid’s pancakes to-go on a stick are perfect for a special snack on Valentine’s morning or for your little ones to take to the school! The kids are sure to love them and to have a blast eating them! 

chocolate croissants for breakfast in bed

Start your Valentine's Day off on a sweet note with breakfast in bed featuring our delicious and buttery chocolate croissants! keep the romance going with a side of red roses, heart shaped fruit, and espresso! 

We hope these easy, tasty and fun Valentine's Day ideas help you create the perfect night-in! Bon appétit. 

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