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tasty new year's resolutions you will want to actually keep!

tasty new year's resolutions you will want to actually keep!

This month we celebrate the end of a challenging year and the beginning and restart of a brand new one. Making it through 2020 has earned you the right to treat yourself and your family to a year filled with delicious brioche and snacks to-go!

The end of the year always brings reflection and goals for the months ahead. If you’re not sure what challenge to commit to, find inspiration from our list below of the best bakerly food-related New Year’s resolutions for 2021!

resolutions you will actually want to keep

step-up your lunchbox game

Bringing lunch to work is a good strategy to keep your new year’s resolutions on track — and it doesn’t have to be boring! Or, if you are packing lunch for your little ones, make sure to include authentic and delicious bakerly products that they will love! Nothing adds a touch of surprise and delight as unexpected and delicious crêpes to-go or pancakes to-go. These lunchbox variety packs are guaranteed to get the job done!

start cooking from scratch

We all have something that intimidates us in the kitchen, so why not make this the year that you conquer that fear? If cooking from scratch is your Achilles’ heel, learn to make this easy homemade creamy pumpkin soup with brioche rolls grilled cheese croutons. This recipe is guaranteed to step-up your cooking game and surprise your family! 

keep nutritious snacks on-hand

When that afternoon slump hits, you reach for a cup of coffee and a snack—we’ve all been there. If eating more nutritious snacks is part of your plan for this year, packing bakerly snacks on-the-go is a good start. Whether it’s for a day at the office or a weekend spent running errands, bring snacks that are free from artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup to keep hunger at bay. Choose from our bakerly travelers variety pack’s collection of yummy grab-and-go treats, all individually wrapped and ready to eat for the perfect on-the-go snacking!

make breakfast fun again!

Have you been looking for new breakfast or brunch recipes? These French pancakes to-go fruit tacos are about to become a regular at your breakfast table! They are perfect for Lazy Sundays, breakfasts in bed, or to surprise your loved ones with a twist on regular stacked pancakes! Plus, it’s a fun and nutritious way to get your family to eat more fruit. 

re-organize your pantry

When kids are hungry, they tend to run into the pantry, grabbing any snacks that they can put their hands on and make a mess in the process. But if you’re ready for some easy and simple hacks for organizing your pantry, we’ve got you covered! Organize snacks inside labeled containers, that way kids won’t be taking the lids off everything and they’ll know exactly what’s inside. You can also position their snacks at eye level for them to see and put them in order by expiration date. That way they’re eating the ones that need to be eaten first and there is time that can wait to work through the rest. Less food waste, less clutter!



We hope you and your loved ones enjoy these fun bakerly new year’s resolutions for the entire family. Happy baking and bon appétit!

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