fluffy pancakes that don't require any clean-up

fluffy pancakes that don't require any clean-up

We’ve all been there — you wake up one morning, get yourself ready for the day, and then realize that you don’t have any appetizing or easy breakfast options in the house. You're craving pancakes, but the whole process of making them from scratch and having to clean up after just doesn’t appeal to you in the early morning hours. But what if we told you that there’s an easier way?

simple & easy

Let's be honest, even if you do enjoy cooking we can all agree that the worst part is having to clean up all the mess after. Pancakes are always an appealing treat but unfortunately making them from scratch is a time consuming task. Now, you can enjoy all of the taste with none of the mess! Skip all of that work and try our delicious bakerly French pancakes to-go! These fluffy, individually wrapped treats can be enjoyed at work or on-the-go without all of the prep work. Each package contains 6 French pancakes to-go ready-to-eat. No clean up required!

short ingredients list

Our ingredients are as simple as our goal, to put love and quality ingredients in all our yummy products. Our fluffy pancakes to-go are made with a short list of ingredients to ensure our products can stand up to even our high standards. The key ingredients in our French pancakes to-go are flour, milk, and eggs—with no artificial colors or flavors added. That’s it!

authentic French recipe

Get ready to discover your new favorite breakfast and snack: French pancakes to-go! Our pancakes are made with an authentic French recipe that creates fluffy pancakes with a delicate touch of sweetness. The best part of it all? There's no fork required!

snacking on-the-go

Skip baking a batch of pancakes from scratch and try our French pancakes to-go! Stash these on your desk at work or in your bag for a quick bite whenever you need it. Just grab and go, no mess involved. 

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