freshly baked joookes – season 2

freshly baked joookes – season 2 | bakerly

welcome back!

thanks for coming back to see season 2 of bakerly’s freshly baked joookes! why don’t we just start right where we left off!

laughter is the best medicine, right? live, love, LAUGH, right? well, according to an ancient proverb, soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul. it seems the consensus is that laughter is good! if you’ve ever laughed before (and we think this is all of you), you know what that feeling is like; it’s one of the best feelings we can experience!

our cow and bird love to laugh as well, and sometimes we find them cracking jokes to each other! when they do, we’ll update this page. check back every monday for new joookes!

side note: the cow and bird share “dad” humor. thus, if you laugh, you lose! 

joooke 2…

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joooke 1…

freshly baked jokes - season 2

what kind of bread does bakerly make? the answer, of course, is brioche! and several different kinds to boot 

we hope to see you back right here next week!

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