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not your common summer afternoon snack

not your common summer afternoon snack

pssst, it’s brioche!

Ah, the great almighty french brioche is back in the bakerly journal. Today, it’s not about the ingredients or the recipes. It’s about the feelings and emotions that a child (or any person really) gets when he or she comes home after being away for a while. Brioche bread is not just a “viennoiserie;” it’s a cultural ritual for some people.

A while back, we didn’t have the option – in the US – to walk into the nearest grocery store and buy an authentic load hand braided brioche bread. Today, we have bakerly! Ahhh, french brioche, how we’ve missed you!

After a day away from the goodies, you notice an attractive golden-brown color on the table from afar that looks like a loaf of bread, only softer. Could it be brioche? Yes, yes, it is; it’s BRIOCHE! Immediately you begin preparing your “tartine” (french for a slice of bread that has some kind of spread) with your favorite spread.

Let the feast begin!

You grab your slice of brioche and off you go to enjoy the garden. Following you close is your dog waiting for that piece of brioche bread to fall, drooling while looking at that raspberry spread. Eventually, you come back for a second slice, but this time you sit down and bask in the warm sun. You can’t get enough of that buttery taste from this flavorful bread, Feeling the after-taste of goodness and soft texture of the crumb you try licking off your lip. Your taste buds are asking for more of that deliciousness. You begin to appreciate all your surroundings, every moment of fresh air you can get. The grass is greener than ever, and the sky has never been that blue. It’s the “brioche effect,” where time stops and everything is beautiful. It’s the end of the day, you’re back to eating the classics, the treats, the things that bring out the good in you and especially what brings good taste to your palate.


It’s not about where you are, it’s about how you eat. The most important part of eating french brioche bread is to savor the moment. In doing so, you’re transported into another dimension, the dimension of taste and french authenticity. No matter where you’re from or how old you are, feelings and emotions stay the same. We all have the same weakness: BRIOCHE!

Today, everything is possible. Eat your viennoiserie, have a laugh, and bake happiness!

Oh! And before we forget, here are some other ideas to enrich your taste buds:

  • In the morning, toast it and add some salted butter to up the taste.
  • Also in the morning, toast it and eat it with scrambled eggs and a slice of smoked salmon.
  • For lunch, a croque monsieur or croque madame with green lettuce. It’s light and easy to make.
  • For dinner, if you’re into burgers, take some brioche buns and toast them slightly on the grill to add taste to that juicy burger you grilled on the barbecue with some vegetables.
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