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make your kids’ lunchbox super cool!

make your kids’ lunchbox super cool!

they’ll love you for it

It’s no secret that lunch is to elementary through high school students what rocket fuel is to rocket ships.

As a parent, you know how important it is for your child to get the energy their brain requires for effective learning and their body needs for physical activity. As it turns out, planning lunchboxes can turn into a very challenging task! Sure, it starts out easy enough, but at some point, your child will more than likely find the lunch uninteresting (especially if it’s the same thing every day). This makes for a real complication when it comes to lunch preparation.

Fortunately for you, we have the solution to making your kids lunchbox supercool! Yes, supercool is a super made up word, but your kids will never want to stop eating the lunch you pack them after reading the tip we have for you.

Lunchboxes should be easy to make, but they should not be made without considering these two major rules that apply to said making:

  1. Make it with love
  2. Brioche can be life changing
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of crêpes to go

Well, we suppose you saw it coming. Crêpes make everything better, even lunchboxes! But they’re not the only thing that makes lunchboxes supercool. There’s also croque monsieur sandwich made with toasted brioche. You can’t beat that!

how to make a dream lunch box

The steps:

  • The main course will consist of a croque monsieur. Basically, it’s a ham and cheese sandwich with melted grated cheese on top. If you’re interested, there’s also a “madame” version of the “monsieur”. The difference is the croque madame adds an egg on top before sprinkling with grated cheese (but between us, the madame is not very practical for a lunchbox). As you may guess, there are a lot of reasons for a child to like this sandwich! We recommend using brioche instead of plain white bread for a tastier croque (madame or monsieur). Through our store locator, you can easily find the closest grocery store that will have our sliced brioche. Once you have it, hurry home and make your children the most amazingly delicious sandwich ever made! We want to help you make your child happy 
  • Next is the dessert, or should we say, the best part. It can also be considered a snack but, if it’s in the lunchbox, it doesn’t matter what it’s considered as it will be eaten. What are we talking about? The famous crêpe to go of course, a “must have” in the modern-day lunchbox. It’s easy to carry, easy to open (just pop it!), and does not take up much space. What else do you need to prove it’s an amazing opportunity to satisfy your kids’ cravings? There’s a selection of flavors to choose from. The most common and liked option is the chocolate crêpe, but there’s crunchy caramel (and crunchy chocolate) and classic strawberry that attract just as many snacky stomachs. Basically, crêpes, crunchy crêpes, and more crêpes!

After all of this, there is a big chance that your child will never want you to stop making this lunchbox. We do have to warn you. These steps can lead to friends of your son or daughter trying the delicious meal. If they do end up trying it, there is a high chance for you to be promoted to lunch lady by the end of the school year.


Just a heads up, do not put something in your child’s lunchbox they have never tried or do not like. It’s the best way to ruin their day (we’ve had a lot of witnesses of this horrible act of lunchbox making).

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